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IRESCUEBEES is dedicated to saving as many feral bee colonies as possible. With this in mind we need to understand that the bees are dying! There are many different opinions on why these special insect are dying. Some are of the opinion that cell phones are killing the bees, I don't know about that. When I am working my colonies I keep my cell phone with me, sometimes even talking on it. Some say  the wind generators are killing the bees. Nope, last year alone I removed six swarms from Lone Star Wind Farm. The bees actually like the wind farm. I am more inclined o to think that the mass use of pesticides, monoculture farming and more specifically GMO crops are more to blame. This is a swarm of bees, notice that they are visible outside and clustered tightly.


.Big Country Bee Removal
Big Country Bee Removal

Colonies will sometimes even be inside your eaves!

Please don't spray them, we need all the bees. Exterminators do not clear out the cavity that the bees where in. Exterminators will leave at least a couple thousand bees rotting in your walls and that is really stinky. Then the wax moths take over eating the wax but not the honey. The wax moths leave the honey for the mice ants and roaches, creating a much bigger problem.  I will safely remove and relocate your bees, putting them far away from your property. So they can be tested for diseases. If all goes well then they will be taken care of and put to work. I do not kill bees and will only recommend it for bees that I determine are truly Killer Bees.





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