IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping

IRescueBees is dedicated to saving as many feral bee colonies as possible. With this in mind we need to understand that the bees are dying! There are many different opinions on why these special insect are dying. Some are of the opinion that cell phones are killing the bees, I don't know about that. When I am working my colonies I keep my cell phone with me, sometimes even talking on it. Some say  the wind generators are killing lo the bees. Nope, last year alone I removed six swarms from Lone Star Wind Farm. The bees actually like the wind farm. I am more inclined o to think that the mass use of pesticides, monoculture farming and more specifically GMO crops are more to blame. This is a swarm of bees, notice that they are visible outside and clustered tightly.


.IRESCUEBEES Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRESCUEBEES Bee Removals and Beekeeping

Colonies will sometimes even be inside your eaves!

Please don't spray them, we need all the bees. Exterminators do not clear out the cavity that the bees where in. Exterminators will leave at least a couple thousand bees rotting in your walls and that is really stinky. Then the wax moths take over eating the wax but not the honey. The wax moths leave the honey for the mice ants and roaches, creating a much bigger problem.  I will safely remove and relocate your bees, putting them far away from your property. So they can be tested for diseases. If all goes well then they will be taken care of and put to work. I do not kill bees and will only recommend it for bees that I determine are truly Killer Bees.


IRESCUEBEES Bee Removals and Beekeeping

With honey bees edging ever closer to classified as endangered the bee removal business has grown. Earn a living work with the bugs you love.Get paid to collect bees and honey.

When I started doing bee removals it was hard to get the calls. I tried the bee removal list, WAY to many people to choose from. I tried the call centers. I would get twenty calls a day about everything except bee removal. At five bucks a call it was a huge waste of money.

As an IRescueBees associate you and only you will have an IRescueBees page in the city that is available. But wait there is more. You as an associate can contact me by email with your removal questions.

Lots of territories available contact me at

If you don't see your city in the service let me know I will make one for you.

Swarm weather: The buzz on bees in the Big Country

Bees are on the move, the plucky pollinators encouraged by a mild winter and spring-like weather, a local beekeeper says.

Wild bee colonies have made it through the chill with large amounts of honey left over — something that helps them grow “lightning fast,” said Ben Kazyaka, who also specializes in bee removal and runs

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Just starting to consider beekeeping. Great, Beekeeping is a rewarding unselfish experience. First you need to consider your long term goals. Will it bee just a hobby? Are you looking to make it a business? What about migratory beekeeping?

We all know that hobbies don't make much and suck up a lot a money. Beekeeping is no different, except that beekeeping can bee very profitable.


Outlook 2017


The mild winter in the south has allowed feral colonies to go into our early spring with large stores. This will make their build up lighting fast. We expect larger than normal swarms, also more frequent swarming activity.

This quick build up will lead to larger cutouts, with more honey involved.

Warning for the south. This winter was not cold or long enough to kill AHBs. This means we expect more emergency killer bee calls.

Bee safe and prepared.