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 American Eagle Bee Removal Abilene Tx


American Eagle Bee Removal Abilene Tx The Manager said it was like a horror show. A huge cloud of bees came roaring down the tarmac and landed on the tail section of a plane. He said, " It was like lava dripping off the tail."The swarm then split and landed in the bay door tracks. Then, split again and landed on an I beam.

Well, the cluster could not grab hold of the smooth skin of the aircraft and the queen left. She took most of the swarm to the bay door tracks then to the I beam. That is where we found them.

I will have to put in the pic and vid later as soon as I figure out this pantech. Here are some pics for know.

American Eagle Bee Removal Abilene Tx

Here are some cool vids 

Bee Facts

Honey bees are an essential part of our lives on planet earth.

Imagine what it would be like having to pollenate our on corps

Every their bite of food is a direct result of honey bee behavior.

Swarming is the honey bee colonies way of reproducing itself.

A single honey bee cannot survive on its own.

Beekeeping tricks.

Splits. A split is when you have a strong colony and you want to propagate it. Choose a strong hive and remove a frame of honey, honey and pollen, capped brood and two frames of open brood. Shake bees off removed frames and place into another box. Replace frames with new ones. Cover donor hive with queen excluder and place new box with frames you removed on top and cover. Next morning remove top box and place on new bot to board. There you go an ez split.

Beekeeping is an rewarding endeavor and is alot of fun. If you are thinking of keeping bees you can email me I would bee glad to help. Everything worth doing is worth doing right. Check out our new blog series called Beekeeping Basics getting started.

For Bee removal and relocation services in Abilene TX.

Thunder Swarms

Thunder Swarms . We have not been getting the storms we used to get years age here in Abilene Tx. This year we did and we did not get a late frost. All the fruit trees bloomed almost at the same time. Then the spring storms began bringing with it a floral rainbow.

The roadside a lit up with red, gold and purple flowers on a backdrop of green. The thunder swarms have begun. a month early but, we'll take it. So far in the last two weeks we have caught twenty-eight swarms in Callahan and Taylor county.


Swarms are the method in which the Honey bee multiplies. Kinda like a cell division. When Honey Bees have plenty of stores or they do not have enough room to continue to grow they Swarm. Occasionally they will swam if the colony is sick or the brood cells are to small.

 thunder swarmsthunder swarms

Swarms are for the most part calm and gentle. They on the other hand protect the queen. Keep yapping dogs and children at least fifteen feet away. Call a Beekeeper as soon as you notice the swarm. The swarm is looking for a place to colonize. It is cheaper to remove them as a swarm than to preform a cut-out.

cutoutsBee Removal Aspermont Tx

To see some cool vids CLICK HERE