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 Amazing healing honey

Amazing healing honey

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Would you like to reverse ageing, loss weight or just run circles around your children? How about restoring your liver, defeating depression and bringing a sense of well being to your life?

Amazing healing honey

Yes you can, And it is in a microbial ooze we call honey!

This is my story, I am a beekeeper not a doctor or herbalist. All my life I suffered with cedar pollen allergies. The reaction was so bad the doctors thought it was the flu and gave me poison to take. I was a little boy then and did not know any better. I did not know that it was an allergy until 1998. All I knew was that every time the Santa Anna wind blew I got sick. 103 degree temp. Muscle pain coughing, sneezing and a little pneumonia to boot.

Amazing healing honey

As I got older I started to hurt bad, getting worse every year. Crushing body pain so bad I would wake up and night screaming in pain. Doctors could not do shit, They kept wanting me to take their meds. ( LIKE, THAT WOULD MAKE IT BETTER )

If that was not bad enough my liver began to hurt I knew I was dying. But I could not give up.

I began beekeeping in 2000 And started eating a lot of raw honey straight from the hive. Soon I noticed that I did not get sick when the cedars bloomed. The body pain was gone and my liver stopped hurting.

I eat about 3 tablespoons of honey that comes from my hives every day. It has changed my life.

Before you run out and buy a bunch of honey there are a few things you need to know. I only know of one type of Raw unfiltered honey that will not crystallize and that is Clarey Sage. Honey that dose not have pollen in it will not crystallize because pollen is the nucleator of which crystallization begins. The higher amount of pollen in your honey the faster it will crystallize.

Why is pollen  in honey so important? Because of all that is brings to the honey. Honey without pollen basically sugar. ( see list at bottom of page.)

Not too forget the enzymes. There are over 5000 different LIVE WORKING ENZYMES  in Raw honey working for you. That are killed with the filtering process.

Make sure you know the beekeeper you are getting your honey from. Some Beekeepers feed their bees hfcs and we know that most corn is gmo. Most, but not all beekeepers medicate their bees with mitecides and antibiotics. This will also contaminate  the honey!

All beekeepers will know the nectar flow and will know the plants their honey comes from. Please note that soy, corn, cotton and alfalfa ARE gmos now!

In case you are wondering the honey my bees produce is from Mesquite Trees there is no cotton grown in my part of Texas and the only food corps are backyard gardeners. And those are very few. Yes, I live in the middle of NOWHERE.


  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Chlorine
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Phosphorus
  • Sulfur
  • Silicon


  • ASH
  • IRON
  • ZINC


Global Famine coming to a State near you!

It is raining in the Big Country today, not much bee work to do. In the beginning Man was given a job. The job was to keep and guard a garden. The garden man was to keep and guard is called earth. There would not be a garden if the honey bees were not here. As bee populations continue to fall, so does our ability to produce food. Remember supply and demand. Lower food supplies results in higher food prices. Honey bees are the only insect that produces food for humans. Some insects are food, like grasshoppers. Yet the honey bee not only produces food for us but is directly responsible for the 40% of the food we eat. Global famine comingGlobal famine coming

Global famine coming

One Honey Bee colony will have as many as 50,000 worker bees that go out to pollinate our crops. That is a huge work force and still people want to want to open a can of Wal-mart  death when the bees show up in the yard. I had a call just a few days ago. The woman said that they bought a house in Dec. and did not know about the bees living under her floor. She wanted to know how much to save them.  The house was a pier and beam with a three foot crawl space. The colony was located 35 feet from the crawl space entrance. That means I would have to crawl 35 feet with all my equipment and fully dressed in my bee suit to the location of the colony, Capture the colony remove the brood and all the comb then crawl back. I estimated about four maybe five hours to do the job properly. I gave her my rate and she quickly stated " I can get an exterminator to spray them for $65!" It is this total disregard for life that is causing the coming famine. It is like cutting your throat to spite your belly. When you spray one colony of bees you are killing not only the target colony, You killing the other colonies that are with-in three miles. Here is how it works. When a colony of bees is killed or weakened other bees come to rob the honey. If someone has treated the bees with a toxin that toxin gets in the honey. The other bee colonies in the area find the weakened or poisoned hive and rob the honey. Taking the contaminated honey back to their hive and feed it to their young killing them also. Yes, Global famine coming

Global famine coming  Global famine coming

You are not killing one colony of bees, You are killing several. And you are killing yourselves by destroying such a awesome pollinator. It is people like this that are causing the coming famine. I hope they have some food in storage!


Please watch this video. CLICK HERE    You can help by donating

 Global famine coming


I got a call from Lonestar Wind Farm about some bees inside a crate. They where drawn out under the lid and Lonestar did not mind if I cut off part of the lid. This late in the season it is best to take the whole colony intact. Sometimes I can't But today I could.

The picture is not to great because I took it through a crack in the lid.

lonestar bee removal

Ivanhoe dr Bee Removal

Abilene TX


(325) 201 - 8237

Ivanhoe dr Bee Removal Abilene TX the neighbors said when I informed them that I was removing these bees     "  thank god, Those bees have been terrorizing the entire Block!" This colony was about three years old, not the biggest but put up a great fight. I was able to capture 95% of the bees and got them rehived before the freeze.

Ivanhoe dr Bee Removal Abilene TX ...continue reading "Ivanhoe dr Bee Removal Abilene TX"


Timber ridge bee removal San Angelo Tx


(325) 201 - 8237

Timber ridge bee removal San Angelo Tx


This was a pretty easy removal form the soffit. It was a young hive notice the light colored comb. Only a year old. These bees were calm and did not put up much of a fight

.Timber ridge bee removal San Angelo TxTimber ridge bee removal San Angelo Tx



Last year there was a lot of bee activity in San Angelo. A whole lot of swarms why. Lets start with what a swarm is. A swarm is the way in which colonies reproduce themselves. When a colony has lots of honey and / or bees and no more room to grow they divide like a cell.

The swarm will land on anything to rest. While hanging there scouts will sent out to look for a new home.

Timber ridge bee removal San Angelo Tx   Timber ridge bee removal San Angelo Tx

Once the queen decides which place the scouts looked at they go to build a new home. It can be anywhere. In a drainpipe, a barrel, a watermeter you name it. So when you see a beard of bees hangin in your tree call a beekeeper. Otherwise...

Global famine coming Bee Removal Aspermont Tx

We have removed several from Lake Nasworthy and the Donkey rescue.

Spraying the bees that are in your house is of no benefit. Without clearing out the cavity they will only come back. Plus it becomes a stinky mess for a couple months. Best to just have a beekeeper catch them before they get into your house. But, if they do we can get them out and we contractors that can make the repairs.

If you would like to see some interesting videos CLICK HERE


(325) 201 - 8237


As we all know all honey is not the same. In fact the Big Country has diverse honey flows. In the early spring is mostly wild plum and pear honey both are nice and are light and clear. Next comes the mesquite flow.

Beginning after the fruit bloom, the mesquite blooms this is our main honey flow. The mesquite bloom sometimes last all the way to labor day. Mesquite honey is a golden yellow honey and is almost see through. Sometimes peppers and or horehound will get mixed in somewhat clouding the honey.

But, my subject today is cotton honey. Cotton honey is extremely dark, almost black. We have lots of acres planted in cotton. We need to very careful with cotton honey.

Most if not all cotton planted today is GMO, bt or roundup ready. These toxins and insecticides are in the genome of the plant and therefore in the nectar also.

I can't tell you if cotton honey is safe. I can tell I will not feed it to my family or my bees. Furthermore I will not knowingly sell it!

When buying Honey buy it from a bee Keeper. That is the only way to know the nectar source of the honey.

Beware of cotton honey