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Bumble Bee Removal Service Area

IRescueBees  Bumble Bee Removal Service Area. Our experts are dedicated to rescuing all bees, Honey and Bumbles.

Bumble Bee Removal Service Area
Bumble Bee Removal Service Area
Bumble Bee Removal Service Area


Ann Arbor,  Detroit,  Farmington Hills


Oklahoma City


Abilene,  Dallas,  Denton,  Frisco,  Garland,  Plano

 Bumble bees do not make harvestable amounts of honey. Yet we believe they are worth saving.
Lets talk about the Bumble bee...

There are over two hundred fifty different kinds of Bumble Bees in the world. North America is home to 46 different species.

Large distinctive black and yellow bees is a related to the honey bee. Their hairy bodies makes them a perfect pollinator.

With a loud, low pitch buzz they forage thru flowers to gather pollen and nectar. Taking it back to their nest to feed their young.

Bumble Bees live underground and have smaller colonies then their relatives the honey bee. A Bumble colony has fifty to one hundred fifty individuals.

Bumble Bee Removal Service Area
Bumble Bee Removal Service Area
Why are bees dying...

There are those that say Human caused climate change is the culprit. I'm not to sure of the climate thing.

Personally I believe that the massive use of pesticides and genetically modified food organisms are the blame. Really, for only five bucks you can wipe out more then one colony of bees.

Understanding that pollinators produce abundant food for us and our children should be enough to want to help.

So what can you do...

It may seem small compared to the entire plan but, saving one colony at a time will help.

Seeing Bumble Bees coming and going out of a hole in the ground or from under a shed or something, means you have a colony.

Call your local Bumble Beekeeper right away. Removing them live, we have perfect locations to take them.

The Bumbles you save will continue to live and do their job of maintaining life on our planet.

Bumble Bee Removal Service Area on IRescueBees.