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IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping

Welcome to  IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping we have taken our site to a whole new level. We have a growing number of associates providing bee removal services in many States.

IRescueBees  Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping
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Important message from Ben: In the State of Texas the bee removal business is completely unregulated, meaning anyone with a bee suit can provide the service. This bad, because most companies that advertise bee removal services are in fact pest control companies that scare you into believing your bees are killer bees and need to be killed, and some are just construction companies that give the same pitch.

The State of Texas DOES NOT ISSUE PERMITS OR LICENSES for live bee removal services, nor does the State give any one company permission to do so. In fact, the State only recommends that you use a registered beekeeper for your removal needs.

IRescueBees  Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping

Now, we have seen all the news about our honey and bumble bees dying.  And, we should all have in our minds the importance of these pollinators.

We will talk about why the bees are dying in a later post.

IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping
What got me  started keeping honey bees...

Honestly, in 1998 I planted a fruit orchard. A small one.  Well, the trees went into bloom but, none of the them produced fruit.

So, I wanted to know why my trees did not produce.  Meaning, I had to wait until the next spring too find out.

Yes that is right, no bees. This is when I started beekeeping.

IRescueBees  Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping

Now, are trees and our gardens bare lots of fruit.  Amazing what a hive of bees can do.

Starting like most other people I read a lot of books on beekeeping.  Bought my first bunch of hives and Italian bees.

Sadly, Italian bees are not well suited for west Texas and they quickly got sick and died.

Just when I was about to give up, a friend call and ask me to get a swarm out of his tree.

 IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping

After hiving that swarm I was amazed with how well they did. I fell in love with these feral bees.

A swarm is how a honey bee colony reproduces it self. Reminds me of cell division.
The colony is most often inside a cavity. In a hollow tree, your wall they will also use things like an old tire for their hive.
Therefore, when the hive is overcrowded and has plenty of honey the queen will issue swarming orders. Then, the workers will create hundreds of queen cells for the queen to lay eggs in.
In three days the eggs will hatch. These larva will be feed a special diet of royal jelly for nine days.
After nine days is when the queen larva begin to pupate into a queen. Day nine is when the mother queen and half the workers will leave searching for a new home. The swarm is cast.
I have suffered from heart problems for a long time. Twice a year I visit my cardiologist and take courses of IVs. Also, I take a lot of heart drugs, one of which is Inderal. Inderal is very good at normalizing blood pressure and heart rate. I have stenocardia, told me, that the drug reduces a frequency of attacks.

         IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping

Of course this is not the only reason a swarm is cast. Sometimes the entire colony will leave due to toxins or disease.
In other words the colony has abscond.

We quickly came to realized the need in our community for bee removal and relocation services.  People were asking me to get bees that were in there houses out, without killing them.

This is when IRescueBees was born.

In 2013 I started teaching beekeeping to the young people in my area. It is a lot of fun and work. See our bee camp video at the bottom of the page.

IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping

Now, in 2017 we have a blog series called beekeeping basics. Teaching everyone that wants to learn beekeeping, for free.

Our blog is a work in progress and new post come every week.  Check out beekeeping basics getting started.

Another thing about 2017, This is also when I started learning the healing power of the honey bee and their products.

I knew bee products held healing power. I just did not know how or why.

So I enrolled in an apitherapy course. We have recently re-tooled our beekeeping operations to producing medicinal quaility bee hive products..

All natural beekeeping with nothing added. We blog about that too.

Lets talk about bee removal...
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping

Bee removals are when you have a colony of bees in a unwanted place and you hire someone to remove it.

We first must locate the colony. Some bee removal experts will use thermal imaging others will just knock and listen.

Both work well in fact I will use both methods. Once the colony is located we open the cavity, exposing the nest.

IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping
IRescueBees Bee Removals and Beekeeping

Carefully, we search thru the comb looking for the queen. When we have found her we quickly cage her for her safety.

At the same time we capture and cage most of the workers and remove all the comb.

All of this is taken back to our apiary and the colony hived. Thereby, saving them so they can live out their lives keeping our planet alive.

Swarm weather: The buzz on bees in the Big Country
Brian Bethel , Abilene Reporter- NewsPublished 6:18 p.m. CT March 14, 2017 | Updated 19 hours ago
Wild bee colonies have made it through the chill with large amounts of honey left over — something that helps them grow “lightning fast,” said Ben Kazyaka, who also specializes in bee removal and runs

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New for 2017  Bumble bee removals.  Some of our associates and IRescueBees are becoming Bumble beekeepers.

We feel that the humble bumble needs protection too. More on this in a later article.

Bee safe and prepared.