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As we all know all honey is not the same. In fact the Big Country has diverse honey flows. In the early spring is mostly wild plum and pear honey both are nice and are light and clear. Next comes the mesquite flow.

Beginning after the fruit bloom, the mesquite blooms this is our main honey flow. The mesquite bloom sometimes last all the way to labor day. Mesquite honey is a golden yellow honey and is almost see through. Sometimes peppers and or horehound will get mixed in somewhat clouding the honey.

But, my subject today is cotton honey. Cotton honey is extremely dark, almost black. We have lots of acres planted in cotton. We need to very careful with cotton honey.

Most if not all cotton planted today is GMO, bt or roundup ready. These toxins and insecticides are in the genome of the plant and therefore in the nectar also.

I can't tell you if cotton honey is safe. I can tell I will not feed it to my family or my bees. Furthermore I will not knowingly sell it!

When buying Honey buy it from a bee Keeper. That is the only way to know the nectar source of the honey.

Beware of cotton honey