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IRESCUEBEES adventures 1st Swarm 2015 got away

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IRESCUEBEES adventures 1st Swarm 2015 got away 02/19/2015   I was all excited to be called to remove the first swarm of the year. I quickly got my gear and hive together and drove to Abilene.

 The bees were on Westmoreland Dr in Abilene. When I arrived my client took me to the backyard to shoe me where they were. It was a beautiful swarm of dark bees.

IRESCUEBEES adventures 1st Swarm 2015 got away

   I like dark bees they have strong hygenic behavior and great at hording honey. It had to weigh at lest 3 maybe 4 pounds. I took a picture for my records and went to the van to get a bucket and my bee suit. Yes, I always wear my bee suit even for capturing swarms. Hurriedly suiting up I started to the back when suddenly they left. BUMMER!!!

The is the first swarm of the year got away!

CLICK HERE to see some interesting videos.

Bee Facts

IRESCUEBEES adventures 1st Swarm 2015 got away

SWARMS; A swarm is a colonies way of multplying. When a colony is overcrowded and or has plenty of honey stores the queen will issue swarming orders. The workers begin to create queen cells and find freshly hatched eggs to feed into a Queen. The workers will feed these newly candidates for nine days then cap the cell. When capped the grub/worm pupates into a queen bee. This when the old queen half the workers and half the the honey leaves to find a new home.

The first thing a newly emerged queen will do beside drying off is to go on a mating flight. She will mate with up to one hundred drones and then return to the hive and start laying eggs soon after.

It is really kinda cool. think of it like cell division.

Unexpected bee volcano / IRESCUEBEES adventures


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Unexpected bee volcano /  IRESCUEBEES adventures The first bee removal of the 2015. These bees were in a shed on in Abilne Tx. The owner said that the the bees had been there for about three years. When I got there for the assessment the bees where entering through the broken window.

Unexpected bee volcano / IRESCUEBEES adventures

I went into the shed to see where they were and as I stepped onto the floor I heard buzzing. Then suddenly there was a great Bee Volcano erupting from the middle of the floor. It was a crazy amount of bees flying this early in the year. I knew I would have my hands full on this one.

This hive stretched from one side of the shed to the other. Only taking up the space between the floor joist.

Well, after a few hours of wrestling with thousands of flying stinging insects I got them home and hived. If you or anyone you know needs to have bees safely removed and relocated just give them this website or have them call.

If you want to see more interesting videos just click here.

Bee Fact

Unexpected bee volcano / IRESCUEBEES adventures   Unexpected bee volcano / IRESCUEBEES adventures

Africanized honey bees:

In the south of the United States there has been a Killer bee scare. Although killer bees are real they are not much of a danger unless provoked. Africanation of honey bees is the result of that genes dominance. Killer bees attack the eyes nose mouth and throat of there target. If bees are attacking these areas pull your shirt over your head and throat and run to a dark place. Inside a car works well. If there is no shelter nearby then dodge around bushes and trees and try to lose them.

Common sense is what will keep you safe. Do not try to remove bees yourself. Don't mess with Texas bees. This will only get you stung. Have an expert help you with your bee problems