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Chuck wagon Surprise                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chuck wagon Surprise Chuck wagon Surprise

Went to Coleman Texas to remove bees form a chuck wagon. You would think that a chuck wagon would have beans and corn bread. Maybe even some sweet tea. Chuck wagon Surprise!  Well, there was something sweet in this chuck wagon. Three pounds of healthy bees and a bucket of honey. Click on the pictures and get a close up look.

We will be feeding the honey back to the bees over winter. It was a great catch. With the weather cooling down we are beginning to prepare for spring. We need to build about 240 brood bodies and 2400 frames. that is just for the colonies we already have.

Speaking about frames we have changed our design. instead of cutting a groove in the top bar, we just cut a 45 to make a triangle hanging from the bottom of the top bar. Yes, we still wax our top bars.

Some of our plans for Spring 2016 is split all of our strong hives. Splitting hives is really easy if you have done it before, or at least seen it done. We will be taping our activities so you can see everything in process.

Go ahead and check out our videos here.