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  1. Bee Camp 2015 Abilene Tx


Bee Camp 2015 Abilene Tx.  was a whole lot of fun. Bee Camp 2016 is already booked.

Bee Camp 2015 Abilene Tx

The Students learned top bar and langstroth beekeeping. They learned how to install swarms, split hives and how to build beekeeping equipment.

We were able to take them on two bee removals one was under a trailer house an the other was in a garage.

Bee Camp 2015 Abilene Tx  IMG_1575

The students ranged in age from nine to thirteen years old. They all showed up in brand new bee suits an by the end of the first day the suits got really REALLY dirty.

We made a little vid click here to watch

We are looking forward to Bee Camp 2016. Oh, by the way Bee Camp 2016 is booked. Sorry.