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Abilene Tx Bee Removal Outlook 2017


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Abilene Tx Bee Removal Outlook 2017

Honey Bees hoard honey all spring, summer and early fall. These honey stores are used to feed the colony thru winter.

Usually the bees will use the stored honey up and need to collect more to build a strong work force for collecting honey.

This winter has been very mild and the bees have lots of honey left over. This will allow the feral colonies to build up lighting fast.

Expect to see lots of large swarms in Abilene and the Big Country.

Abilene Tx Bee Removal Outlook 2017  Abilene Tx Bee Removal Outlook 2017

These are swarms. These bees are not just passing through they are looking for a new home.

Swarms for the most part are gentle. Just do not stir them up. Keep pets and children away.

Yes, if left alone they will move. But, they will move into yours or your neighbors house.

It is much cheaper to have them removed while they are still in a swarm than it is to remove a established colony.

Call IRescueBees as soon as you see a swarm in your yard. Do not wait they are looking to move into someones house.

Well, to bee honest it is not always a house.

Abilene Tx Bee Removal Outlook 2017   Abilene Tx Bee Removal Outlook 2017

Whatever they decide to colonize we can get them out alive most of the time. We relocate them to a safe place where we take care of them.

Most exterminators in Abilene will not spray bees and it is dangerous for you to attempt to kill them yourself.

2017 is going to be fill with bees. More so then 2016.

Did you know?

Honey bees are close to becoming extinct.

Mellitin, a substance in bee venom is being used in cancer research.

Eighty percent of produce is pollinated by honey bees.

Really Abilene honey bees are a great blessing. Should we not all work to keep these insects alive.

Albert Einstien said that when the bees are extinct mankind will bee in four years.

IRescueBees is a professional bee removal company with years of experience in Abilene.

Save our bees!