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IRescueBees shows you how to convert to  Natural Beekeeping Langstroth system

Natural Beekeeping Langstroth system

Although this system is completely unnatural it can be converted with just a little understanding of honey bee behavior. Yes,  Natural Beekeeping Langstroth system

Rev. L. L. Langstroth developed this system in 1852. Although modified over the years it still remain the best selling beekeeping product around.

Here is how to do it...

Use foundationless frames with a comb guide. Honey Bees draw comb from the top down. Meaning the bees will find the guide and draw the comb down.

Natural Beekeeping Langstroth system

As the colony grows the brood patch will move down and the bees will back fill the comb up top with honey.

 Checking the brood nest is unnecessary and could crush the queen. Removing the top you will see if the brood needs another box.

Rule of thumb,  eight frames drawn add a box.

Cap the brood box with a excl;uder to add supers with frames no foundation.

Natural Beekeeping Langstroth system

Honey bees know what they are doing, All they need is a safe place with enough room to grow.

Adding supers is dependent to the flow of your area. In Texas we start adding honey supers just before the Mesquite bloom. This is our major flow.

Here at IRescueBees we in some cases only use one brood box. This works out great at times and we still get a great harvest.

Natural Beekeeping Langstroth system

Although there are thousands of books on the market that instruct you to inspect the brood, we see know need in it. The less fooling with the the brood the better.

Finding foundationless frames is hard and expensive, so i am including a video showing how to make them on the cheap.

IRescueBees is always willing to help with your beekeeping questions, When you have one go to our facebook or email us page like and post your questions.