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$60 Top Bar Hive

Cheap beekeeping hives for you. $60 Top Bar Hive

$60 Top Bar Hive

Beekeeping hives and other woodenware is expensive. Shipping is not cheap either.

In order to cut cost and widen our profit margin we now build our on equipment.

Top bar hives require much less attention of the beekeeper than the lang. In fact it is basically load and go.

Yes, they will sometimes cross comb, But that is easy to fix. We will discuss Top Bar hive management in later posts.

Which is better Langstroth Topbar bee hives  $60 Top Bar Hive

The top bar hive is a long box with angled sides. Under the cover are the top bars.

Each bar has a comb guide. Honey bees like to draw comb down in fact they use gravity to let them know the comb is straight.

This hive gives the feeling that they are within a hollow log.

$60 Top Bar Hive

In the video below Dave from Dave's bees give you all the information you need to get started. Dave did a much better job then I could. Thanks Dave.

What tools do I need to build the  $60 Top Bar Hive...

We use one sheet of 3/4 plywood and three eight foot 2x4s. A table saw is needed to rip one 2x4 in to 1x4s.

The remaining 2x4s are for the legs.

You will also need a electric drill, hammer and exterior glue. In case you do not have a table saw your local lumber yard can make the rips in the plywood.

You will need three rips long ways. Two at 11 3/4 and one at 21.

You can download plans for free at

There plans show the legs on the outside. We put them on the inside, this allows the hive to support more weight and last longer.

$60 Top Bar Hive   $60 Top Bar Hive

We also use a flat top, we do not have time to do all the fancy cuts. Lastly, our entrances are only on one end of the box not on the sides.

When you bore the hole for the entrance be sure to angle it so rain does not get in.

Remember to use plywood for the hive body, and cover.

Here is a link to his youtube channel


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