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About Us

Well IRescueBees is going nation wide. My web site is rocken.

I have been creating pages for other beeks to help them get more work. When i started this website it was just for abilene. It has grown and is still growing.

When my abilene page hit page one of the engines the calls skyrocketed, and i am willing to share it with others.

Of course i do not do free bee removals and the pages i create are not free either. Basically i ask for the amount of one bee removal a year to have others enjoy the buisness that comes with being on top.

Ben Kazyaka

 Hi! I'm Ben.

That's me in the picture below hard at work chasing a queen bee! Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. Oh yeah, my number again is 325-201-8237.


I am an experienced bee keeper and am ready to help you. I will safely remove the bees who have lost their way and somehow managed to set up shop in your house or yard. I will relocate the rescued bees to one of my apiaries.

Years ago I planted an orchard. I was greatly anticipating lots of fruit. Spring came and my trees were in full bloom. We did not have a late freeze so I thought the fruit would set. Alas no fruit.

I wondered why and waited for the next bloom. The bloom came and i watched for pollinators. There were no bees and no fruit. That is when I became a beekeeper.

 about-us- IRESCUEBEES

I started out buying packaged bees, come to find out after a few years and several hundreds of dollars that, commercial bees do not do well in my location. They would pick varroa mites and bring them into the hive slowly killing them.

I was about to give up. I just could not stop the varroa attack on my colonies. I lost over three quarters of my expensive hobby.

One morning a friend called and said. " Ben there is a huge swarm of bees in my tree can you get it. " I figured I would give it one more shot. I went and captured the swarm and hived them.



These were the most amazing bees I ever worked with. That was I it I got bit, totally addicted to Bees now.

Call us today!  325-201-8237