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Save Our Bees!


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SAVE OUR BEES! - IRESCUEBEES is requesting donations to help cover  cost of saving bees. About twenty-five percent of our bee removal calls are from people who cannot afford the service. Leaving those bees destined to a five dollar can of Wal-mart death.SAVE OUR BEES! - IRESCUEBEESSAVE OUR BEES! - IRESCUEBEES   With out the Honey Bee we would have no fruit and few veggies. Leaving the supermarket shelves barren. Einstien said  when the bees are gone, so will mankind in four years. There are things that can be done to save our planet. One is to save the bees. SAVE OUR BEES! - IRESCUEBEESSAVE OUR BEES! - IRESCUEBEES   We'll unless you like eating grass. I would like to remove bee for free. In a perfect world I could. There are cost involved in removing bees. Gas, that is not free. Tools, those are not free. Lumber that is used to build their new home is not free either not to mention liability insurance. No state funding only permit fees and taxes. SAVE OUR BEES! - IRESCUEBEESSAVE OUR BEES! - IRESCUEBEES   Your donation will go to and used  for those situations where someone has bees to removed and can't afford to. Your donations will also bee used for building beehives to put the rescued bees into. The bees I rescue are not slave bees. They are not used for pollination contracts or forced to make honey. SAVE OUR BEES! - IRESCUEBEES

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Here in this Peaceful forty acre oak forest is where all the bees I rescue will live and be protected and cared for. A place where bees can just do their bee thing without the risk of being killed. donate / Big Country Bee Removal. You can help just donate today.