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Beekeepers can earn extra cash by removing bees. This a great way to collect honey and bees to build your apiaries. Now IRescueBees is offering advertising for you on our site.

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The most valuable thing you can do for growing your business is to advertise. Sure, I know it cost but advertising always pays off in the long run.

One way is word of mouth, this works but only in certain circles. Getting your Brand/Name out where folks can see it is the best. Lets look at other ways to bring in more customers.




Graphics will bring you more calls, as you drive around town folks will see your graphics and your Brand/Name will be stored in their memory. Just make sure that the art work is not confusing and the lettering is large and easy to see.

Look to spend several hundred to a couple thousand on quality graphics. Wrapping my trailer cost me fifteen hundred. Believe me it was worth it, I get calls all the time form people seeing my trailer at places like Lowes.

Phone Book...




Needless to say the Yellow Pages work well also. Even with the internet, somepeople still look in the phone book.

Especially, when customers are  looking for the local guy, having your Brand/Name in the book gives you street cred. This ad runs me three hundred a year, and I get more than enough jobs to pay for it several times over.

Social Media...



I like facebook, you can let your friends see what you have done. You can also use fb to advertise, using boost you can send your post to formally unknown people and get them to notice your page. Boosts do cost, my average amount spent on fb boost is eight hundred a year.

Yet, it still does not even come close to the traffic I get from the search engines. The top and most profitable way of advertising is a great internet presence.

Internet directories...

In the Bee Removal business there are many service providers in one city. There are even pest control companies advertising bee removal services. You can find them all on the free bee removal list that come up in the search results. These list rank high in search results because the web master knows SEO/ search engine optimization.

But, when you list your name for the city you want to work, you still have to compete with other beeks, construction companies and exterminators, all trying to get a foothold in the same city. Just in Abilene alone there are eight companies competing for the same call from that list.

Internet bee removal call centers...

This is where you give your info to a marketing company that will send calls to you in the city of your choice. Expect to pay fourteen dollars a call.

When I started my Bee Removal Business, I used the call centers. Let me tell you, I was getting twenty call a week for everything except bee removals. Folks were calling for free bee removals and I had to pay for every one of those calls. I was also placed on a call list for companies wanting to sell me stuff like insurance.

An all around bad deal.

IRescueBees Bee Removal Page...

Now the pitch, has been live for over five years. This along with my SEO means that your advertisement will rank high on the search engines. With just a flat fee you can start receiving calls from new customers. With no other advertisers on that page, just you!

I do not charge per click or call, all calls generated form your page goes straight to you.

Here is what you get...

A customize web page with all your contact info. I can write your content or you can write your own. With the strongest SEO possible.

Your phone number will have a link so customers can call you directly from the site.

Your page will be link to my corner stone pages see links below.

Home     IRescueBees bee removal service area

I will even link your web site to my IRescueBees site, facebook page and email if you desire.

You can have your own pictures on your page or use mine.

And I can even embed your youtube or facebook vids on your page as well.

Many of our associates are on page one of all three search engines.

Send any of your questions and or information to

I provide bee removal services myself and know how outrageous advertising prices can be. That is why I created this venue, not only for myself but for other beekeepers as well.

I look forward to creating your new IRescueBees page.

 Again, email all inquires to me at

Results may vary.

Please keep in mind that it takes time for the search engines to index new or updated pages, so the sooner you get your page published the sooner it will be index by the search engines.