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Bee Removal Bryan Tx

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wild life professionals to service calls from this page. Bee Removal Bryan Tx

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You walk outside and hanging on your tree is a huge swam of bees. It is kinda cool yet scary.

What should you do knowing that bees are struggling these days. First Take a picture and keep the children away.

Generally swarms are not a threat. Still you need to use caution around them.

Bee Removal Bryan Tx   Bee Removal Bryan Tx

Call your local IRescueBees associate right away. We are a professional bee removal service specializing in live bee removal and relocation.

It is for less expensive to have us remove a swarm then it is to remove a colony.

Why do honey bees swarm

Honey bees will swarm for many reasons. They could be overcrowded, have too much honey or some one sprayed the colony making the bees to move.

Swarming is the honey bees way of propagating itself. The workers start to make virgin queens and when they are capped the mother queen leaves with half the colony.

When the honey bees find a suitable place to build a new home they move in,

Bee Removal Bryan Tx  Bee Removal Bryan Tx

In your house, barn, shed even your hot tub our associates can get them out. Our associate strive to keep the honey bees alive and relocate them to a safe environment.

You can take comfort in knowing that you did your part in saving our bees.

Did you know?

Honey bees are the only insect that produces food for humans.

A colony can have thousands of bees.

The queen can lay two thousand eggs a day.

Drones are the male bee and hatch for unfertilized eggs.

Every third bite of food is the direct result of honey bee behavior.

Bee Removal Bryan Tx

Saving our honey is important to all of us make sure you call you local IRescueBees associate for all your bee removal needs

Bee Removal Bryan Tx