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Bee Removal College Station Tx

Looking for a trusted, honest professional beekeeper to move your bees? Call for your Live Bee Removal College Station Tx needs.

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The bee removal industry is growing every day, more and more people are wanting to save the bees instead of extermination.

Bee Removal College Station Tx
Bee Removal College Station Tx

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What is killing Honey Bees?

This is a question that is asked by science and beekeepers, sadly there is no one answer. We can start with the dreaded Varroa Mite, this one parasitic mite can wipe out entire apiaries in one season.

Bee Removal College Station Tx
Bee Removal College Station Tx

Varroa attaches itself to the body of the bee and larva and sucks the juices right out of them. Causing deformed wings of the young.

This leaves the colony with flightless foragers and the colony dwindles and dies. There is however, hope that comes from our feral Honey Bees. ( Yes, the ones that are living with you right now.)

It turns out that our feral Honey Bees that the exterminators are so excited to kill, hold the key to the survival of the western bees.

These feral Honey Bees have developed resistance to Varroa and other Bee diseases. Just look at this news report.

Reported by CNN not to long ago, is the so called killer bee enigma explained.

African genes can mitigate Honey Bee declines.

 Read my blog for more.

Bee Removal College Station Tx the safe and sustainable choice