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Bee Removal Conroe Tx

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wild life removal professionals to service calls form this page. Bee Removal Conroe Tx

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This page  Bee Removal Conroe Tx   is available to only one qualified professional. for more information contact me at

Honey bees are a vital part of our environment. They bring beauty and feasting to our lives.

Honey bees do not belong in or on your house. That is where IRescuebees comes in to play.

We strive to remove and relocate established colonies without harm.

Bee Removal Conroe Tx   Bee Removal Conroe Tx

Your local IRescueBees associate will search and capture the queen and most of the workers. They will also remove all the comb.

Taking it all back to a safe location and putting it all back together.

Honey bees have been dying at a rate of thirty percent a year across the globe. You can help.

Bee Removal Conroe Tx  Bee Removal Conroe Tx

When you see a swarm of bees on your property have your local IRescuebees associate come and get them.

When you see bees flying in and out of a hole or crack in your house call us we can get them out without killing them.

Why not spray them?

Besides the fact that bees are inching closer to endangerment. Spraying them only starts more problems then it solves.

Bees wax is an environmental sponge and absorbs the poison used to kill the bees. The first couple sheets of comb stops the poison from getting on the queen and brood and the colony still lives.

That is why exterminators need to keep coming back because it seldom works the first time.

When the colony is killed other critters come to feast on the unprotected honey. Causing it to ooze into the house.

Not to mention the stink of tens of thousands of bees rotting in your walls.

Bee Removal Conroe Tx

Save time and the bees by calling your IRescueBees associate today.

Bee Removal Conroe Tx