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Bee Removal Corpus Christi Tx

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wild life professional to service calls from this page. Bee Removal Corpus Christi Tx

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Honey bees are having a hard time these days. from Zika spraying to colony collapse are taking their toll.

They need our help. That is why IRescueBees is here.

We provide live honey bee removal and relocation service across the country. Our associates are well trained and professional.

We remove swarms that find their way onto your property. And the ones that have moved in.

These are swarms.

Bee Removal Corpus Christi Tx   Bee Removal Corpus Christi Tx

They are relatively easy to capture unless they are thirty feet up in the air.

A swarm is cast when the mother queen decides that the colony is overcrowded or has plenty of honey. This is the honey bees propagate themselves. Kinda like cell division.

When the queen cells are capped the mother queen and half the workers leave to find a new home.

They will colonize just about anything. Even old tires.

These are colonies.

Bee Removal Corpus Christi Tx   Bee Removal Corpus Christi Tx

Notice the comb. This is where honey bees store honey and pollen. The comb is also where the queen will lay her eggs.

Call your local IRescueBees associate to have both swarms and colonies removed and relocated.

To remove a colony is much more challenging. We must locate the the colony then decide the best course of action.

After colony is located we open the cavity and capture the queen and most of the workers. Then we begin to remove the comb.

Why not just spray them?

There are many reason you should not exterminate them. First it hardly ever works the first time. Actually most of the time it does not.

Secondly, once the colony is dead other critters come to feast. Those critters open the honey comb allowing the honey to ooze into your house.

Bee Removal Corpus Christi Tx

Then there is the awful stink of tens of thousands of bee rotting in your walls.

Most of all, exterminating them is just adding one more problem to the honey bees.

For all your bee removal needs call your IRescueBees associate.

Bee Removal Corpus Christi Tx