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Bee Removal Eugene Oregon

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wildlife removal experts to service the calls from this page. Bee Removal Eugene Oregon

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IRescueBees and our associates provide professional live bee removals across the United States and Canada.

Striving to save our honey bees for future generations.

We remove both swarms and established colonies.


Bee Removal Eugene Oregon     Bee Removal Eugene Oregon

With in the honey bee colony the queen lays her eggs. The nurse bees feed and tend to the young.

Workers some workers build more comb for the queen to lay eggs in and to store their food. Other workers are out gathering supplies to feed the colony.

When the colony is overcrowded and has plenty of food it will divide. A lot like cell division.

The queen issues swarming with her pheromone. This causes the workers to create queen cells to raise virgins in.

Once the virgin are ready to pupate the queen leaves with half the workers in search of a new home.

When you see a swarm hanging on something on your property, you can bet they are looking to move in with you.

This is the best time to call your local IRescueBees associate. Swarms are the easiest to remove most of the time.


Removing an established colony is much more challenging.

Bee Removal Eugene Oregon     Bee Removal Eugene Oregon

A colony consists of a laying queen thousands of workers and comb to store honey in and for the queen to lay in.

We first need to locate the colony. Once it is found the cavity is exposed.

We search thru the comb for the queen. When she is found we cage her for her protection.

Now we can capture and cage most of the workers and remove all the comb.

All this is taken away to a safe location. There is where the colony is put back together.

They will be taken care the rest of their lives and allowed to do their bee thing.


This destructive practice seldom works. In fact it may take several treatments to kill the colony.

Here is a colony that had been treated by an exterminator five times. After the fifth unsuccessful chemical attack the homeowner call us and we save them.

This colony is still alive to this day.

Bee Removal Eugene Oregon

The bluish grey spots on the comb is the poison. But, why did not the bees die?

Bees wax is an environmental sponge. It absorb the poison protecting the colony.

If the poison does kill the colony then all different problems arise.

Other critters come to feast on the unprotected honey. This allow the poisonous mess to seep into your house.

Bee Removal Eugene Oregon

Then comes the stink of thousands of rotting bees filling every room in your house.

Save our bees

it is the right thing to do.

For all your  Bee Removal Eugene Oregon needs call your IRescueBees associate today.

Did you Know?

Honey bees are the only insect that produces food for humans.

Eighty percent of U.S. food crops depend on honey bees to pollinate them.

Mellitin, a substance in bee venom is used in HIV research.

Three hundred forty seven native bees are going extinct.