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Bee Removal Kennewick WA

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wildlife removal professional to service the calls from this page. Bee Removal Kennewick WA

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This page  Bee Removal Kennewick WA   is available to only one qualified professional. For more information contact me at

IRescueBees and our associate provide professional bee removal services nation wide. We do not kill bees, we strive to keep every swarm and colony alive.


Bee Removal Kennewick WA   Bee Removal Kennewick WA

These are your typical looking swarms. They will hang on just about anything provided it is the shade.

Swarming is how honey bees propagate. Kinda like cell division.

When an established colony has enough workers and honey they split. The virgin queen stays at home while the mother queen and half the workers go looking for a new home.

When a swarm is on your property you can bet they looking to move in with you. Call your local IRescueBees asssociate right away.

Swarms are the easiest to remove and relocate.


A colony of bees has comb and a laying queen. Every year a colony can double even triple in size and population.

The older and larger the colony the more protective the guards become.

Removing an established colony is very challenging.

Bee Removal Kennewick WA   Bee Removal Kennewick WA

We carefully search thru the comb looking for the queen. When she is found the queen is caged for her protection.

We capture and cage most of the workers. We also remove all the comb and take it to a safe location to rebuild the colony.

When you see bees flying in and out of a hole or crack in your house you probably have a colony of bees living with you. Call your IRescueBees associate to have them removed.


It does not work most of the time. WE DO NOT EXTERMINATE HONEY BEES.

Here is a colony that had been sprayed five times and it still lived. After the fifth unsuccessful attempt to exterminate them the home owner call us.

Bee Removal Kennewick WA

The bluish gray spots on the comb is the poison. The bees wax absorb the poison all five times.

We removed this colony and it is still alive to this day.

But, When extermination does work you end up with a lot more problems. First comes the critters to feast on the unprotected honey allowing it to ooze into your house.

Bee Removal Kennewick WA

Then comes the stink of thousands of dead honey bees rotting in your walls.

Save the hassle and save our bees. Call IRescueBees today

Bee Removal Kennewick WA

Did you know?

347 native bees are on their way to extinction.