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Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wild life removal professionals to service the calls from this page. Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx

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IRescueBees is a professional bee removal and relocation service. We always strive to take your bees away alive.

We remove swarms and established colonies.


Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx   Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx

Swarms are a big clump of bees attached to something. Notice there is no comb.

Swarms are for the most part easy to collect. Unless they are thirty feet up.

In the middle of the cluster of honey bees is the queen. She is the most important part of capturing a swarm. The workers will follow her.

A swarm is the honey bees way of propagation. When the colony is overcrowded and has plenty of honey it will split casting a swarm.

If you get one of these on your property call your local IRescueBees associate immediately.


Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx    Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx

These are colonies of honey bees. Notice the comb.

We capture the queen and most of the workers. We remove all the brood comb ( that is where the eggs are laid ) and the honey comb.

It is all gathered up and taken to a safe location and put back together. The colony is saved and can continue working for all of us

Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx

Why not just kill them?

Extermination rarely works the first time. In fact you may have to treat them several times, and that still might not work.

This is a colony that was treated by a exterminator five different times and still managed to stay alive,

Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx

The blueish gray spots on the comb is where the exterminator treated them. The treatment never got on the brood.

We got them out and the homeowner has not had any bee issues since.

When it does work other critters come to feast on the unprotected honey allowing it ooze into your house.

Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx

Then you have the stink of ten thousand honey bees rotting in your walls. What a big mess.

Save yourself time and money by saving the honey bees. Call your local IRescueBees associate today.

Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx