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Bee Removal Orange CA

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We provide professional honey bee removal and relocation of both swarms and established colonies. Saving our honey bees one colony at a time.

Let's talk about swarms...

Honey bees live in a social order we call a colony. When the colonies nest is no longer able to be enlarged the colony will split.

It is called a swarm when the mother queen and half the workers leave the nest to find a new home.

When you see a swarm on your property or even on your house call us right away. Here is why?

Bee Removal Orange CA    Bee Removal Orange CA

Both of these are swarms, the swarm in the tree sends out scouts to find their new home. Seeing a swarm in your tree means they might move in with you.

The swarm on the house on the other hand has no need to send out scouts. It has found their new home and they are moving in.

In just a couple of days this swarm will be inside this house quickly building their nest.

Calls us, it is much cheaper and easier to remove a swarm than it is to remove a colony.

Now, the basics of removing a colony...

A colony consist of a laying queen, a few hundred plus workers and a handful of drones. The comb is the honey bees nest.

Our first priority is to locate the nest. Sometimes it is easy. Once the nest is found, it needs to be exposed.

Bee Removal Orange CA    Bee Removal Orange CA

Carefully searching thru the comb we look for the queen. Upon finding her she is caged, for her protection.

At the same time, we capture and cage most of the workers and remove all the comb.

Taking all of it to the apiary, we rebuild the nest into a hive. The apiary is where the beekeeper tends to the needs of the colony.

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