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Bee Removal Orange County CA

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wildlife removal experts to service the calls from this page. Bee Removal Orange County CA

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IRescueBees and our associates provide professional live bee removal service across our Nation and Canada.

We always strive to remove and relocate honey bees alive.

We remove both swarms and established colonies.


Bee Removal Orange County CA     Bee Removal Orange County CA

This what a swarm looks like. It is a big collection a honey bees gathered to together in a large mass.

Within this beard of honey bees is the queen. Sometimes it can even have multiple queens.

Although honey bee queens lay eggs inside the hive. The colony will replicate itself by swarming. When the colony is overcrowded and full of honey it will split.

The mother queen and half of the workers leave the virgin and her workers at home. When you see a swarm on your property be not alarmed, swarm are gentle for the most part.

Keep pets and children a safe distance away and call your local IRescueBees associate.

we will safely remove them to a better location.


Bee Removal Orange County CA    Bee Removal Orange County CA

A colony can be inside or outside it depends on the weather and location. A colony consist of drawn comb for the queen to lay eggs in and to store honey in. A laying queen and several thousand workers and a few drones.

Removing a colony can be challenging. We first have to locate the colony, they are great at concealing themselves.

Then we search through the comb for the queen. Once she is found she is caged for her protection.

We then capture and cage most of the workers and remove all the comb.

This is taken to an apiary and the colony is put back together. It sound simple, but it is a lot of work.

When you see bees flying in and out of some hole or crack it is a sign that you may have a colony.

Call your local IRescueBees associate for an inspection and or removal.



Extermination rarely works the first time. In fact in most cases the colony would be treated several times to get the job done.

This is a colony that was treated by an exterminator five times and still live. That is when the homeowner called us.

Bee Removal Orange County CA

Why didn't extermination work?

Bees wax is an environmental sponge. It absorbs the poison thereby protecting the colony. Amazing is it not.

We were able to save this and other colonies. They are still ailve today.

When extermination dose work many other problems come about. One is the critters that come to feast on the honey.

This feasting allows the honey to seep into your house.

Bee Removal Orange County CA

Then comes the stink of thousands of honey bees rotting in your walls.

Save the hassle and save our Bees.

For professional  Bee Removal Orange County CA  call your local IRescueBess associate today.

Bee safety tips

If you know that you have bees living with call someone to get them out. They may not be a problem now, But with time the colony will grow larger and more protective.

During mid summer mow your yard in the cool of the morning or close to sunset.

If being attacked by bees cover your head and face. Take cover in an enclosed space such as a building or vehicle. Don't jump in the water the bees will wait for you to come up.

If you are allergic to bee venom always carry your epipen.

Honey bees do not attack for know reason. most of the time they attack when they are.

Do not try to kill honey bees with wasp and hornet spray. The spray will only piss the bees off.


Did you know?

Honey bees are the only insect that produces food for humans.

The queen can lay up to two thousand eggs a day.

The male bee called a drone hatches from an unfertilized egg.

Mellitin, a substance in bee venom is used in AIDS research.

three hundred forty seven native bee species are on the verge of extinction.