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Bee Removal Rio Grande Valley TX

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At IRescueBees, we remove both swarms and established colonies. Because Honey Bees are so beneficial, we work hard to keep them alive.

Honey Bees bring abundance to any area they're in. This abundance includes large crops, and fat healthy game.

Just think- How would wild turkey taste, without the turkey pepper?  Or, how lean the deer would be without the mesquite bean.

Well, we here at IRescueBees along with our associates, firmly believe that this insect is worth the effort to save.

Now for a little education on Bees...

Let's start with Swarms.  A swarm is half of an established colony looking for a new home.  You will often see them clustered in a ball or beard shape.  The bees cluster in the shade when resting. The eave of a house, which is where the roof meets the side, in a tree, or on a fence, are all common resting spots of choice for swarming bees.

When a colony is overcrowded, the Queen Bee gives out swarming orders for the bees to search out a new place to colonize.  In this way, the colony grows and spreads.

Bee Removal Rio Grande Valley TX    Bee Removal Rio Grande Valley TX

When you see a swarm on your property you can bet they are looking to move in with you. Call us right away.  Swarms are easiest to remove.

What's the Difference between Swarms and Colonies?

Often times a swarm is mistaken for a colony.  One main difference is that a swarm is in transition whereas a colony is stationary; meaning it is a permanent settlement.

A swarm has no comb nor laying queen while a colony consists of a laying queen, hundreds to thousands of workers, a handful of drones and comb for them to raise young and store food.

When a swarm gets into a cavity of your house, it quickly becomes a colony. Removing a colony is much more challenging.

Bee Removal Rio Grande Valley TX     Bee Removal Rio Grande Valley TX

Here is the basics of what we do

First we need to locate the colony. Some of our associates are high tech with Infra-red imaging. While some of our associates are old school. Both work fine.

Once the colony is located, we open the cavity to expose the colony. We then search through the comb for the queen.

When the queen is found, she is caged for her protection.

Next, we capture and cage most of the workers and remove the comb.

We then take all of this back and rebuild it into a new hive. We take great care to ensure the colonies survival.

You can then feel confident that your home is free of bees, and that you have done your part in saving the bee population one colony at a time.

Bee Removal Rio Grande Valley TX  provided by IRescueBees and our associate.