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Bee Removal Santa Fe Tx

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wild life removal professionals to service the call from this page. Bee Removal Santa Fe Tx

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IRescueBees and our associates provide professional bee removal and relocation services across the nation. We strive to remove honey bees alive and keep them alive.

We remove swarms and established colonies.


A swarm is the honey bees way of propagation. A little like cell division.

When a colony is overcrowded and has plenty of honey the queen issues swarming orders. The workers build queen cells and when the cell is capped the mother queen and half the workers leave to search for a new home,

Bee Removal Santa Fe Tx    Bee Removal Santa Fe Tx

These are swarms they do not always land on trees. Sometimes they will land on your fence or other structures.

These, for the most part are easy to remove and relocate. When you see a swarm on your property call your local IRescueBees associate.


Removing as established colony is called a cut out. Cut outs are far more challenging then a swarm removal.

Bee Removal Santa Fe Tx   Bee Removal Santa Fe Tx

Notice the comb.

We capture the queen and most of the workers. We remove not only the brood comb ( where the eggs and larva are kept ) but, the honey comb as well.

You can tell if bees are living with you simply by looking around your property. When you see bees flying in and out of a hole or crack then you most likely have unwanted roommates.

If you suspect that you have a colony of bees on your property call your local IRescueBees associate right away. The longer you wait the bigger the more populated the colony  will get.

Why you should not have them exterminated.

Most of the time it does not work. Then you may have to have them treated more than once.

This colony was treated with poison five times and it still did not die.

Bee Removal Santa Fe Tx

The bluish grey spots on the comb is where they were treated. After the fifth failure the homeowner call us and we saved the whole thing.

When the colony is killed by poison treatment it attracts other critters to feast on the honey comb. The feasting allows the store honey to leak into your house.

Bee Removal New Braunfels Tx

Too top ist all off you end up with the stink of ten thousand honey bees rotting in your walls. Just a big mess.

Save time and money by saving our bees. Call your local IRescueBees associate today,

Bee Removal Santa Fe Tx