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Bee Removal Spokane WA

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wildlife removal experts to service the call from this page. Bee Removal Spokane WA

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Saving our honey is a priority for us at IRescueBees along with our associates. We provide professional bee removal services nationwide.

The native bees are going extinct. Folks these are pollinators they make sure that the blackberry bush is full.

Honey bees may be the only bee that we can save. With your helpl we can.

We remove both swarms and established colonies.

Bee Removal Spokane WA   Bee Removal Spokane WA

Swarming is the honey bees way of propagation. It is like cell division on a larger scale.

When the colony is overcrowded and has plenty of honey they divide. The mother queen leaves the virgin and half the workers in search of a new home.

Swarms are the easiest to remove. Well, most of the time.

Bee Removal Spokane WA

This swarm was thirty feet up and out on a limb.

When you see a swarm on your property you can bet they are looking to move in with you. Call your local IRescueBees associate right away.

Colonies on the other hand are much more challenging.

Bee Removal Spokane WA    Bee Removal Spokane WA

We locate the colony then we expose the cavity. We search thru the comb for the queen.

When the queen is found she is caged for her protection and a few of her attendants add to keep her warm.

We also capture and cage most of the workers. then we remove all the comb.

All this is taken to a bee yard and the whole thing put back together.

When you see bees flying in and out of some hole or crack in your house you may have a colony living with you. Call your IRescueBees associate and they will check it out.

Extermination just makes a big mess.

Once the colony is dead other critters come to feast on the unprotected honey. This feasting allow the poison honey to seep into your house.

Bee Removal Spokane WA

Not to mention the stink of all those dead bees rotting in your walls.

Save the hassle and save our honey bees. Call your IRescieBees associate today.

Bee Removal Spokane WA

We think honey bees are really cool.

Bee Removal Spokane WA

Bee Removal Spokane WA

Bee Removal Spokane WA