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Bee Removal Tampa FL

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Bee Removal Tampa FL
Bee Removal Tampa FL

The trouble today is that, WE depend on so much pesticides that we are killing our environment. There is a spray for everything, and everything gets sprayed.

For the last ten to fifteen, we've been hearing the media scream about losing Honey Bee Colonies.

Bee Removal Tampa FL
Bee Removal Tampa FL

In the United States alone we lose, right around 33% of managed colonies every year. In fact Dr. Goulson a professor at the University of Sussex takes it one step deeper.

In his report he states, flying insect populations have dropped seventy-five percent since 1989. His study has scientist alarmed.

You might not think much of his report until you realize that eighty percent of Earth's bio-sphere are plants that bloom. With out flying pollinators we'd have nothing but grass.

Bee Removal Tampa FL
Bee Removal Tampa FL

No Honey Bees means these plants will cease to exist. On the brighter side, Walmart has a patent pending for a drone pollinator to replace the Honey Bees.

Why would that be?

Honestly, the numbers only reflect managed colony loses. We would be have a bit more understanding of the true scope of Honey Bee collapse.

They, scientist claim that these declines in honey bees is due to pesticide usage. They lead you to believe that some guy on a farm sprayed his crop at the wrong time and the bees across the Globe are dying from it.

Well, when an exterminator kills a honey bee colony and leaves the poisoned comb in the wall Honey Bees from five miles around come to steal the honey. This called a robbing frenzy.

Not too far away some beekeeper has most of his colonies die and he hasn't got a clue. Because, the Honey Bees from his hives stole the poisoned honey and shared it with the hive, killing the whole thing.

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