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Bee Removal Tyler Tx

IRescueBees is currently looking for experienced beekeepers or wild life removal professionals to servie the call form theis page. Bee Removal Tyler Tx

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IRescueBees and our associates provide professional bee removal and relocation services across the country. We remove swarms and established colonies live without poisons.


A swarm is the honey bees way of propagation. When the colony is overcrowded the queen issues swarming orders.

The workers create queen cells and when the queen cells are capped the mother queen and half the workers leave to locate a new home.


Bee Removal Tyler Tx

Bee Removal Tyler Tx

Notice how the bees are all huddled together. There is no comb just a queen looking for a home to build.

This is the easiest bee removal. When you have one of these on your property call your local IRescueBees associate we will get them out of your way.


Removing a established colony is call a cut out. This the most challenging removal. A great sign of a colony living with you is seeing bees flying in and out of the same hole or crack.

Bee Removal Tyler Tx

Notice all the comb.

We capture and cage the queen and most of the workers. We remove the brood comb ( this is where the queen lays her eggs ) and the honey comb.

We take all this with us and reconstruct the honey bees hive is a safe location. We do not kill or poison the bees.


Not recommended. It does not work most of the time

In fact, you will need to treat them more than once. And, that still does not work most of the time,

This colony was treated five times with poison and still did not die.

Bee Removal Tyler Tx

The bluish grey spots on the comb is the poison. The homeowner called us and we saved them.

When extermination does work you end up with more problems.

When the colony is dead other critters show up to feast on the unprotected honey comb. This allows the poisoned honey to ooze into your house.

Bee Removal Tyler Tx

Then comes the stink of tens of thousands of rotting honey bees.

Save time and money by calling your local IRescueBees associate.

Bee Removal Tyler Tx