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Bee Removal Waco Tx

IRescueBees is looking for experienced beekeepers or wild life removal professionals to service the calls from this page. Bee Removal Waco Tx

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This page  Bee Removal Waco Tx  is available to only one professional. For more information contact me at

We at IRescueBees and our associates are professionals. Removing both swarms and established colonies live.

We use no poisons.


This is what a swarm of bees looks like.

Bee Removal Waco Tx    Bee Removal Waco Tx

Notice how all the worker bees are huddled in a large mass. In the middle is the queen.

Swarms are the easiest to remove and relocate. It just takes a little time.

A swarm is cast when the colony is overcrowded and has plenty of honey. At this point the queen will issue swarming orders.

The workers create queen cells and when the cells are cappeds the mother queen and half the workers will leave to find a new home,

When you see a swarm on your property call your local IRescueBees associate right away.


Removing a established colony is quite challenging. The location of the colony can add to the challenge.

Bee Removal Waco Tx    Bee Removal Waco Tx

We carefully search through the comb for the queen. When she is found she is caged. We then capture most of the workers and cage them.

The brood and honey comb is removed and separated so the young bees do not drown.

We take all this away and rebuild their colony in a safe location.


We co not exterminate honey bees. we strive to remove and relocate them alive.

Extermination dose not work most of the time and causes more problems then it is worth.

Here is a colony that was treated with poison five times and it was still alive.

Bee Removal Waco Tx

The bluish grey comb in the middle is where the exterminator sprayed. Five different times.

The homeowner calls us and we got them out alive.

When extermination does work it leaves all the honey comb unprotected. This in turn draws other critters to the feast.

They chew away the comb allowing the poisoned honey to ooze into your house. What a mess.

Bee Removal Waco Tx

Then comes the stink of tens of thousands of dead bee rotting in your walls.

 Save time and money by calling your IRescuebees associate for all your live bee removal needs.

Bee Removal Waco Tx