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Beekeeping Basics Walk Away Splits

IRescueBees showing you how to successfully increase your colonies in this simple course  Beekeeping Basics Walk Away Splits

Splits are an essential part of increasing you colonies. This is when you take a strong colony of bees and make into two.

Here at IRescueBees we split our strongest colonies in Fall. Just after the summer harvest.

Why split in fall...

After the summer flow honey bee populations are at there highest. Plenty of brood and workers to properly feed the virgin.

Therefore, a properly feed queen will be at peak egg production to ensure a strong spring build up.

Preforming splits in the spring mean a late build up and a smaller honey crop.

Beekeeping Basics Walk Away Splits  how to...

Using only your strongest hives, two brood boxes full of brood. Make sure that the top box has open brood and nurse bees.

Placing a bottom next to the hive you want to split. Take the top box and place on the empty bottom board.

Put a new cover on the other box and there you go. A Walk away split.

Beekeeping Basics Walk Away Splits   Beekeeping Basics Walk Away Splits


No need to look for the queen because the box without a queen will draw out another. If no open brood is in top box then add a cou;le frames from the bottom.

Tips for increasing success rates...

Tricks we use at IRescuebees gives us a 100% success rate.

Setting the top box to the side.Evenly divide honey, pollen, capped brood and uncapped brood into both boxes.

We shake the bees off the frames that we put in one of the two boxes. Be sure to shake the bees at the entrance of the bottom box.

Pollen frames must be between the capped brood and the honey frames. Uncapped brood must be in the middle.

Remove the bottom box with all the bees and set it on the empty bottom board. Place the top box without the bees and place where the colony was originally.

Beekeeping Basics Walk Away Splits    Beekeeping Basics Walk Away Splits

The foragers will orientate to where the hive originally was and will quickly take over nurse bee duties.

The secret to getting quality queens...

Proper feed of the queen larva is vitally important to the colony as a whole. This will ensure that the queen has properly developed ovaries and will lay abundant eggs for several years.

The must be fed 9 days before capping. Any less then that and her ovaries will not develop properly.

On the fourth day after the split check for queen cells. If you find any that are capped at this time cut them out. ( the larva was only fed for seven days not nine.)

Leave the uncapped queen cell at this time to develop. That is the secret to getting a quality queen.

Thanks for reading  Beekeeping Basics Walk Away Splits

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Other fall duties...

Consider setting propolis traps for a Autumn cash crop.






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