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Bee Articles by Ben

Bee Articles by Ben

2017 Bee Removal outlook

Winter in the south has been very mild. It has neither been cold or long enough to lower bee colony populations.

Early February cutouts have revealed larger then normal populations and plenty of store honey. This will allow feral colonies spring build up.

These two factors will bring larger and more frequent swarming to out area.

Summer time colony removals will be much more challenging. In some cases we expect a higher than normal summer populations with the bees being more protective.

IRescueBees suggests that colony removals in dense city neighborhoods should be done at night.

Why Honey bees attack!

Got a call today from the San Angelo police department. They said that there was a honey bee attack on an entire block.

People and pets were getting stung. The officer stated that they thought they were killer bees.

This is not the first incident i have been call on in the Big Country.

Last year the city of Tye had a bee attack. The city called me to help.

Also, in Eula TX two horses were killed by a honey bee attack. The news media was stating that the horses were killed by killer bees.

All the  bee attacks have not been by killer bees.

Honey bees will attack when you attack their colony.

The attack in Tye TX was caused by an exterminator. Some sprays that exterminators use pisses the bees off and causes them to attack the whole neighborhood.

At an apartment complex in Abilene bees attack every thing near the unit. Why?

Because someone tried to spray the colony. The grounds keeper told me that the exterminator ran off.

The bee attack on Belle plains rd in Abilene was caused by an untrained beekeeper trying to remove a twenty five year old colony.

The horsed in Eula TX? The guy called prior to the attack to remove his bees. He did not want to pay for it and said he would just kill them. The next week he sprayed the colony with wasp and hornet spray and the bees killed his horses.

Of course, nobody wants to say they did something to set the bees off. They always use the killer bee scapegoat.

Look, Bees just do not wake up one morning thinking, lets just sting the hell out of those people.

Why do honey bees attack? Someone else started it.


Electromagnetic fields and their effects on honey bees.

Bee Articles by Ben

Recently on the web and youtube there has been a lot of chatter about smart meters killing honey bees.

The story goes that a homeowner had a tree with a feral honey bee colony in it. They have been there for years, so the homeowner said.

One day the evil electric company snuck in and installed a smart meter. After the meter was installed the bees were gone.

The homeowner blames the electric companies smart meter and the electromagnetic field of the smart meter for killing their honey bees.


Bees commonly colonize trees. This is how it works.

The honey bees begin with building comb for the queen to lay eggs in and to store honey. Eventually the cavity with in the tree will become crowed with comb and bees.

This over crowding triggers swarming and half the bees will leave with the old queen.

There is the fact that bees wax is a environmental sponge. The wax over time absorbs toxins and becomes too contaminated to support the colony.

This causes the colony to leave all together to find a new home. But, why blame the electric companies smart meter.

Electromagnetic fields Actually have a calling effect to honey bees. the frequency of the hum draws them in.

I do more bee honey bee removals at wind farms and cell towers than most.

   Bee Articles by Ben

This substation the electromagnetic fields are extremely high. Yet, with in this substation are four colonies. They were found during an inspection and Lone Star Wind farm Abilene Texas.

They needed to change an insulator that was close to four live colonies. Lone Star Wind farm has a zero harm policy and call me to help.

Sure it would have been easier and cheaper to just kill them but, they did not. In fact the colonies are still there today.

I came in and closed the colonies so the men could work. When the men were done i released the colonies.

If em fields killed bees then why were the bees there?

Bee Articles by Ben

Scientist can provide research to prove anything. You know, follow the money. Some so called scientist are just hacks.

I mean come on already. Scientist may prove the universe is just a hologram?

By the way, this sub station was live and so were the bee. LOL.

No, smart meters do not kill honey bees. Yet, they do have a camera on them.

By the way our planet is surrounded with a electromagnetic field.