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DIY Beekeeping Equipment




 Build your own beekeeping equipment. Prints, pics and video showing the different tricks with just a tablesaw and drill.

 Save money building your equipment and learn new skills. learn to build Langstroth boxes and frames. Topbar hive and traditional Japanese hive.


I can't tell you how many times I needed some type of equipment and not have it. Weather out of boxes or frames. Having to order these things was mot much help. When you have a swarm to hive you can't wait 2 weeks for a box, frames or foundation.


Added to the wait for the equipment to arrive there is the cost. For example, When ordering  frames for a Langstroth hive you will pay about $1.15 per frame. Shipping would be $0.50 per frame and your will wait 2 weeks. 10 frames $10.00+.

Conversely 20 frames for the cost of 1 2x4. Yep, now you can get everything except smokers and beesuits at the local lumber store.


SPLIT; A split is a term used to describe dividing a colony. This is when a beekeeper wants to increase a colony that is strong and healthy. We take a frames of honey and place it in a four frame nuc. Scratch the cappings to release some honey. Find two frames of capped brood and insert into nuc.

Find a frame with open brood and shake those bees into nuc. Close up and move three miles away. In a few weeks you will have a freash queen and a new colony.

When to split? We do our splits just after the honey flow. Summer queens tend to not swarm and much as spring queen. Splitting in the summer also give the virgin time to build up for the coming fall flow.

To see some interesting

bee removal vids