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Bumble Bee Removal Abilene Tx

Now IRescueBees is providing another service to protect our bees. Yes,   Bumble Bee Removal Abilene Tx


Your Bumble Beekeeper in Abilene Tx is

Ben Kazyaka

IRescueBees Owner

( 325 ) 201- 8237

Bumble Bee Removal Abilene Tx
Bumble Bee Removal Abilene Tx

We are becoming one of the very few Bumble beekeepers in America.

IRescueBees will locate the nest and safely remove those bumbles. Not only that we will also remove and relocated honey bees alive as well.

Bumble Bee Removal Abilene Tx
Bumble Bee Removal Abilene Tx
Lets talk about the Bumble Bee...

Living mostly underground a Bumble bee nest can have up to one hundred fifty individuals. Consisting of a Queen, Workers and some males.

There are over two hundred fifty different kinds of Bumble Bees in the world. North America is home to 46 different species.

Large distinctive black and yellow bees is a related to the honey bee. Their hairy bodies makes them a perfect pollinator.

With a loud, low pitch buzz they forage thru flowers to gather pollen and nectar. Taking it back to their nest to feed their young.

Bumble bees do not make honey, they store the nectar they collect in its original form. Yet, they are pollinators that are having trouble right now.

Recently, the Rusty Patch Bumble Bee has been placed on the United States endangered species list. The first pollinator in the history of the United States.

This should be concerning to all, seeing that bees bring abundant crops. Lately, Oregon has resorted to breeding bumble bees to help the their decline.

Sometimes Bumble bees as well as other bees will get in to something that they should not be. That is where we come in.

Expertly trained professional Bumble bee and honey beekeepers are at your finger tips.

For live   Bumble Bee Removal Abilene Tx

IRescueBees is all you need. Call us today ( 325 ) 201 - 8237

Always professional.