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Bumble Bee Removal Dallas Tx

Bumble beekeepers are rare but, IRescueBees knows a couple. Professional live  Bumble Bee Removal Dallas Tx  is at your finger tips.

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Your Bumble Beekeeper is

Joseph Norred

Bumble Bee Removal Dallas Tx
Bumble Bee Removal Dallas Tx

( 512 ) 539 - 6063

Joseph, my friend and a IRescueBees associate provides live  Bumble Bee Removal Dallas Tx . His knowledge of bumble bee behavior is extensive.

Always professional and friendly he will safely remove and relocate bumble and honey bees alike. He also has many years of construction experience under his belt.

Making him the perfect choice for all your bee removal needs. Honey bee removals and bumble bee.

Lets talk a little about bumble bees...
Bumble Bee Removal Dallas Tx
Bumble Bee Removal Dallas Tx

Bumble bees and Honey bees are alike in some ways. Both have hairs on their bodies to aid in collecting pollen.

They both live in a social order and have a laying queen, workers and males. Yet, this is where their similarity ends.

A bumble bee colony will have anywhere between fifty to one hundred fifty individuals. While honey bees will have tens of thousands.

The nest of the bumble bee is for the most part underground. But I have seen them in insulation of walls and under sheds.

Bumble Bee Removal Dallas Tx
Bumble Bee Removal Dallas Tx

Their is no honey in a bumble bee nest because they eat the nectar they collect. Bumble bees use nectar and pollen to feed their young.

Unlike the honey bee, only the bumble bee queen makes it through the winter. She will find a place to hibernate for the winter months.

Being the first pollinator on the United States endangered species list is not a great thing for the humble bumble. There are only one hundred fifty different bumble bees in north america.

With this small amount we need to save all that we can.

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