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Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX

Now available live Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX

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Your Bumble Beekeeper is

Joseph Norred

Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX
Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX

( 512 ) 539 - 6063

Joseph, my friend and  IRescueBees associate provides live   Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX . His knowledge of bumble bee behavior is extensive.

Not only Bumble Bees Joseph also removes and relocates Honey Bees in the Denton area.

Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX
Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX
Why are Bumble Bees Important...

Although Bumble Bees are not used commercially for Pollination they do have a key role maintaining our ecosystem. Primarily pollinating native plant species.

Their distinctive loud low pitch humm and gravity defying flight makes bumble the heavy weights of the social insect order.

Recently, the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee has been placed on the endangered species list. We believe that others will follow.

In an article from Hometown focus we find the following.

A number of factors seem to be contributing to rusty-patched bumble bee population declines, including pesticides, pathogens and habitat loss. Climate change may be having an effect, as spring arrives earlier and bees emerge before there are sources of nectar available to them. A Utah researcher believes a parasitic fungus is causing the bees to bloat and grow so fat they can’t mate. Even roads can play a role in bumble bee mortality, as more cars mean more bees are hit and killed.
“We don’t completely know why,” Hoaglund said. “But we’re seeing huge declines and we think it’s likely these different factors are working together and magnifying each other.”

Joseph and IRescueBees will remove your bumble bees and their nest for you. We also relocate them to a place where they will bee safe.

Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX
Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX

Safe and sustainable Bumble Bee and Honey Bee control for you.

For all your live Honey Bee and Bumble Bee Removal Denton TX IRescueBees is all you need...