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Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX

Introducing live Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX

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Your Bumble Beekeeper is

Joseph Norred

Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX
Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX

( 512 ) 539 - 6063

IRescuebees is proud to introduce Joseph Norred your local Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX service provider. An expert in his field with a construction background.
Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX
Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX

Bumble bees are the behemoth of the pollinating insects. Gracefully traversing from flower to flower you wonder how it can even fly.

There are one hundred twenty species of Bumble bees in the world today. Yet, sadly we are about to lose one.

Notably, the first bee on the U.S. endangered species list is the Rusty Patched Bumble bee. Many others are not far behind.

When you notice Bumble Bees coming out of the ground in your yard call us right away. We can remove and relocate them to a safer environment for you.

The  Bumble Bee are caged and the nest is taken with them.

Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX
Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX

Following excerpts from the Center for Biological Diversity Oct. 6 2017 press release read the full release here

Lawsuit Launched to Protect Endangered Rusty Patched Bumblebee
Illinois Highway Project Would Destroy Bee Habitat
CHICAGO— The Center for Biological Diversity today filed a formal notice of intent to sue the Federal Highway Administration and Illinois Department of Transportation for failing to prevent harm to the endangered rusty patched bumblebee.
Rusty patched bumblebees are pollinators that are vital for healthy ecosystems and food security. They were once widely found across the upper Midwest and Northeast, but their numbers have plummeted dramatically since the 1990s, largely because of habitat destruction. They are the only mainland U.S. bee species to have obtained federal protection...
“The Endangered Species Act is 99 percent effective at protecting our most imperiled wildlife, but it can only work when its mandates are followed,” said Parent. “Since these agencies have ignored the bee’s presence, we’ve got no choice but to take legal action to force officials to protect these important little animals.”
Remember for all your live Bumble Bee Removal Garland TX give Joseph a ring.