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Bumble Bee Removal Oklahoma City OK

1Have bumble bees taken over your property? Don't want to kill them? Make the right choice call your  Bumble Bee Removal Oklahoma City OK  professional today!

Your bumble bee removal professional is

TJ Norman

(405) 826 - 0393

Let TJ know you saw him here on IRescueBees.

Our friend and associate TJ not only removes and relocates bumble bees, he is also you go to professional for removing honey bees and wasp.

With many years of experience we know he will get the job done right. For all your live  Bumble Bee Removal Oklahoma City OK TJ Norman is all you need.
Lets talk a bit about the humble bumble...
Bumble Bee Removal Oklahoma City OK
Bumble Bee Removal Oklahoma City OK

There are two hundred fifty different bumble bees world wide. One hundred fifty of them are in North America.

Recently the Rusty patch bumble bee was placed on the United States endangered species list. This is the first native pollinator to get on this list.

Alas, this is just the tip of the iceburg. Honey bees as well as the bumble bees are headed down the road of decline.

Like honey bees, bumble bees are pollinators. They pollinate our gardens, food crops and wild areas.

Without bumble bee we will lose quite a bit of our ecology. This insect is vital to our ecosystem.

Bumble bees work in areas and conditions that honey bees will not. They will forage in cooler climates and on rainy days.

With their nest under ground bumble bees raise their young on nectar and pollen collected by the foragers. Yet, bumble bees do not store honey or even make it.

Bumble Bee Removal Oklahoma City OK
Bumble Bee Removal Oklahoma City OK

The listing of the Rusty Patch bumble bee is the canary in the coal mine, so too speak.

Bumble bees for the most part nest in areas away from humans. But, when they show up in you yard please consider having them removed and relocated.

For all your live  Bumble Bee Removal Oklahoma City OK needs IRescueBees is all you need.