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Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx

Yes, Bumble Bees are worth saving as well as Honey Bees. For professional Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx call your local IRescueBees Bumble Beekeeper.

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Your Bumble Beekeeper is

Joseph Norred

Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx
Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx

( 512 ) 539 - 6063

Serving your area for many years our friend Joseph is the one to call for live Honey Bee Removal and live Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx
Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx
Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx

Being one of North Americas' native pollinator species, there is bad news. The Rusty Patch Bumble Bee is now on our endangered species list.

Many other bumble bees are close to being on this list. Why? due to the use of pesticides, mono culture farming and urban development, we are losing our pollinators.

From The we read...

Pesticide Makers Seek to Bar Scientists from Assessing How Their Poisons Affect Endangered Species

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt overruled his own scientists to prevent an agriculture ban of a DowDuPont pesticide that causes brain damage in children, and now pesticide manufacturers have their sights set on undermining federal protections for endangered animals like the whooping crane.
EPA released its first nationwide biological evaluation of three commonly used pesticides–chlorpyrifos,malathion and diazinon. The report said the three, which are all organophosphates, were harmful to almost all our country’s endangered species, including whooping cranes, gray wolves,Miami blue butterflies and killer whales.
Organophosphates work by targeting the neuronal pathways in insects and pests, much the way that a nerve gas would attack humans. Organophosphates are also harmful to mammals, including humans.
Thank you DC.ORG for this report, read the full story...

These same chemicals are used by the EXTERMINATORS when they spray to kill honey bees and bumble bees on your property.

Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx
Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx

Protect yourself, Family and our future by having our pollinators removed and relocated.

For all your live Bumble Bee Removal Plano Tx needs call Joseph today.