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IRescueBees beekeeping adventures,  Paint Creek ISD Bee Removal Haskell Tx

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Paint Creek ISD Bee Removal Haskell Tx
Paint Creek ISD Bee Removal Haskell Tx
Down the road from Haskell Tx, tucked in the middle of cotton fields is a little school. Paint Creek ISD Bee Removal Haskell Tx

Paint Creek school district was established in 1937. Wayne Perry suggested the district be named after a small creek in the area.

This same school that Former Texas Governor Rick Perry graduated in 1968 is the site of our latest adventure.

The school principal call us stating that on of their outbuildings was full of bees. He said there was several colonies and they had to go before school started.

Their exterminator did not want to do it because the out building was old and veneered with rock. Too many places for the bees to run making spraying ineffective.

Well there were a total of seven colonies. One on the east side, three on the north and three on the west.

Noah and I removed them all safely and relocated all colonies to our apiary. It was a lot of work but we got it done.

Enjoy the pictures.

Paint Creek ISD Bee Removal Haskell TxPaint Creek ISD Bee Removal Haskell Tx


Paint Creek ISD Bee Removal Haskell Tx
East side
For all your  Paint Creek ISD Bee Removal Haskell Tx  IRescueBees is all you need.

Contact Ben Kazyaka IRescueBees owner at 325- 201-8237, I am always ready to save some bees.

Did you know...

 I have been keeping bees in the Big Country since the year 2000. I have removed bees from lots of strange places.

From old tires and barrels even rolls of carpet. It is always an adventure for my helper and myself.

I started doing bee removals around 2012 and I have been busy ever since. Except winter.

Please feel free to read about IRescueBees history on our home page and enjoy our blog.

Currently we have many others that have joined IRescueBees, you can learn about them on our IRescueBees bee removal service area page.

The only bee friendly apartment complex in Abilene. Timber Ridge Apartments Bee Removal Abilene TX

Timber Ridge Apartments Bee Removal Abilene TX
Timber Ridge Apartments Bee Removal Abilene TX
Just wanted to point out another bee friendly company in Abilene Tx. Here is the story;  Timber Ridge Apartments Bee Removal Abilene TX

My friend Tony called me last night to tell me he had bees coming in his apartment. Tony also stated that he gave my number to the manager and they should be calling.

They did around !:00 pm asking me to come take a look. They stated that to other people came and looked.

I asked Megan the apartment manager what the other guys said.

Megan told me that they said that the bees were migrating and they would be gone in a couple days.

That word migrate is used by people that do not know what they are talking about when it comes too bees. It makes it sound like the bees are going south for the winter.

We showed up at 3:00 pm to do an inspection. Hiding under the dryer vent cover was a small swarm of bees.

Because Tony told me they were getting into his apartment I left the swarm to image his walls. Thankfully there were no bees in his walls.

Deciding to remove the swarm I went back to the dryer vent. Gone, the swarm was gone.

My helper said that they went over to another building. We checked and the swarm had started to move into a second dryer vent.

This vent had no duct, it was just a hole in the floor between the apartments. Adding a little bee repellent we were able to drive them out.

Re-clustering on a bush, we cage them and the queen and left.

Important to note that a swarm of bees are not migrating, they are looking for a home. Most of the time the swarm will colonize the wall they land on.

Other times they will move, but only a few hundred yards.

Our thanks goes out to Timber Ridge Apartments for considering the bees.

Check them out. Here

Showcasing bee friendly companies. Lone Star Wind Farm Bee Removal Abilene Tx

Lone Star Wind Farm Bee Removal Abilene Tx
Lone Star Wind Farm Bee Removal Abilene Tx

Located in west Texas 15 miles northeast of Abilene sits Lone Star Wind Farm. Spread across Callahan and Shackelford counties, it sits on ranch land mostly used for oil and cattle production.

Lone Star came in to full energy production in June of 2008. Providing at least 86,000 homes with carbonless energy.

Their do no harm policy makes it an enviornmental masterpiece. We started removing honey bees from their site in 2013, and continue to do so.

Lone Star Wind Farm Bee Removal Abilene Tx
Lone Star Wind Farm Bee Removal Abilene Tx

Our latest removal was from this sub station. The sub station is where the energy produced from the turbines is collected then sent to the grid.

Lone Star Wind Farm Bee Removal Abilene Tx   Lone Star Wind Farm Bee Removal Abilene Tx

Connected to the upright I beams are square pipe. The bees entered thru the weep holes.

This time the colonies needed to be removed. Since we could not cut the structural steel we had to preform a force abscond.

Forced abscond is to get the bees to leave the hive. You can use water or smoke and a bee repellent.

Electricity and water do not mix, so we used smoke and repellent. Not just one colony, there was three.

Each cross member was at least 15 feet long of longer. We had to have one man on the vacuum and the other on the smoker.

Zach, one of Lone Star's workers and I took turns. He vacuumed two colonies and smoked one. I did the others.

Three colonies in all and each took little over four hours to force the bees out.

All three queens came out and the workers. Successfully, we got them hived and they are growing well.

It was not our first time to this sub station. In fact last year we contained these same colonies to replace a bus.

Lone Star Wind Farm Bee Removal Abilene Tx

IRescueBees would like to thank Lone Star Wind Farm for showing care and concern for out enviornment. Keep up the great work and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Chuck wagon Surprise                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chuck wagon Surprise Chuck wagon Surprise

Went to Coleman Texas to remove bees form a chuck wagon. You would think that a chuck wagon would have beans and corn bread. Maybe even some sweet tea. Chuck wagon Surprise!  Well, there was something sweet in this chuck wagon. Three pounds of healthy bees and a bucket of honey. Click on the pictures and get a close up look.

We will be feeding the honey back to the bees over winter. It was a great catch. With the weather cooling down we are beginning to prepare for spring. We need to build about 240 brood bodies and 2400 frames. that is just for the colonies we already have.

Speaking about frames we have changed our design. instead of cutting a groove in the top bar, we just cut a 45 to make a triangle hanging from the bottom of the top bar. Yes, we still wax our top bars.

Some of our plans for Spring 2016 is split all of our strong hives. Splitting hives is really easy if you have done it before, or at least seen it done. We will be taping our activities so you can see everything in process.

Go ahead and check out our videos here.


 American Eagle Bee Removal Abilene Tx


American Eagle Bee Removal Abilene Tx The Manager said it was like a horror show. A huge cloud of bees came roaring down the tarmac and landed on the tail section of a plane. He said, " It was like lava dripping off the tail."The swarm then split and landed in the bay door tracks. Then, split again and landed on an I beam.

Well, the cluster could not grab hold of the smooth skin of the aircraft and the queen left. She took most of the swarm to the bay door tracks then to the I beam. That is where we found them.

I will have to put in the pic and vid later as soon as I figure out this pantech. Here are some pics for know.

American Eagle Bee Removal Abilene Tx

Here are some cool vids 

Bee Facts

Honey bees are an essential part of our lives on planet earth.

Imagine what it would be like having to pollenate our on corps

Every their bite of food is a direct result of honey bee behavior.

Swarming is the honey bee colonies way of reproducing itself.

A single honey bee cannot survive on its own.

Beekeeping tricks.

Splits. A split is when you have a strong colony and you want to propagate it. Choose a strong hive and remove a frame of honey, honey and pollen, capped brood and two frames of open brood. Shake bees off removed frames and place into another box. Replace frames with new ones. Cover donor hive with queen excluder and place new box with frames you removed on top and cover. Next morning remove top box and place on new bot to board. There you go an ez split.

Beekeeping is an rewarding endeavor and is alot of fun. If you are thinking of keeping bees you can email me I would bee glad to help. Everything worth doing is worth doing right. Check out our new blog series called Beekeeping Basics getting started.

For Bee removal and relocation services in Abilene TX.

Thunder Swarms

Thunder Swarms . We have not been getting the storms we used to get years age here in Abilene Tx. This year we did and we did not get a late frost. All the fruit trees bloomed almost at the same time. Then the spring storms began bringing with it a floral rainbow.

The roadside a lit up with red, gold and purple flowers on a backdrop of green. The thunder swarms have begun. a month early but, we'll take it. So far in the last two weeks we have caught twenty-eight swarms in Callahan and Taylor county.


Swarms are the method in which the Honey bee multiplies. Kinda like a cell division. When Honey Bees have plenty of stores or they do not have enough room to continue to grow they Swarm. Occasionally they will swam if the colony is sick or the brood cells are to small.

 thunder swarmsthunder swarms

Swarms are for the most part calm and gentle. They on the other hand protect the queen. Keep yapping dogs and children at least fifteen feet away. Call a Beekeeper as soon as you notice the swarm. The swarm is looking for a place to colonize. It is cheaper to remove them as a swarm than to preform a cut-out.

cutoutsBee Removal Aspermont Tx

To see some cool vids CLICK HERE


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TWO FER IRA TEXAS - IRESCUEBEES adventure I went to Ira Texas to remove bees form a old house located in a wheat field. I found the entrance and proceeded to extract the colony. This colony is only about one year old. The wax was still soft and workable.


I thought I was done after clearing the cavity when I noticed bees using an entrance about five feet away. I opened a small hole to see if it was another colony. This is what I saw.


It was a great day of saving bees, Stay tuned for more bee adventures.

You can see some cool videos if you CLICK HERE

Understand Bees

The honey is the most amazing insect the I am aware of. First of all the honey bee IS the only insect that produces food for humans. Eighty percent of all food crops ARE pollinated by honey bees. Every third bite of food IS the direct result of honey behavior.

And just think about it for a moment.....People who have no respect for our planet countine to call an exterminator to kill honey bees when they show in their trees.


What a great blessing these creatures are. Bringing life and abundance to all of our lives.


IRESCUEBEES adventures 1st Swarm 2015 got away

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IRESCUEBEES adventures 1st Swarm 2015 got away 02/19/2015   I was all excited to be called to remove the first swarm of the year. I quickly got my gear and hive together and drove to Abilene.

 The bees were on Westmoreland Dr in Abilene. When I arrived my client took me to the backyard to shoe me where they were. It was a beautiful swarm of dark bees.

IRESCUEBEES adventures 1st Swarm 2015 got away

   I like dark bees they have strong hygenic behavior and great at hording honey. It had to weigh at lest 3 maybe 4 pounds. I took a picture for my records and went to the van to get a bucket and my bee suit. Yes, I always wear my bee suit even for capturing swarms. Hurriedly suiting up I started to the back when suddenly they left. BUMMER!!!

The is the first swarm of the year got away!

CLICK HERE to see some interesting videos.

Bee Facts

IRESCUEBEES adventures 1st Swarm 2015 got away

SWARMS; A swarm is a colonies way of multplying. When a colony is overcrowded and or has plenty of honey stores the queen will issue swarming orders. The workers begin to create queen cells and find freshly hatched eggs to feed into a Queen. The workers will feed these newly candidates for nine days then cap the cell. When capped the grub/worm pupates into a queen bee. This when the old queen half the workers and half the the honey leaves to find a new home.

The first thing a newly emerged queen will do beside drying off is to go on a mating flight. She will mate with up to one hundred drones and then return to the hive and start laying eggs soon after.

It is really kinda cool. think of it like cell division.

Unexpected bee volcano / IRESCUEBEES adventures


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Unexpected bee volcano /  IRESCUEBEES adventures The first bee removal of the 2015. These bees were in a shed on in Abilne Tx. The owner said that the the bees had been there for about three years. When I got there for the assessment the bees where entering through the broken window.

Unexpected bee volcano / IRESCUEBEES adventures

I went into the shed to see where they were and as I stepped onto the floor I heard buzzing. Then suddenly there was a great Bee Volcano erupting from the middle of the floor. It was a crazy amount of bees flying this early in the year. I knew I would have my hands full on this one.

This hive stretched from one side of the shed to the other. Only taking up the space between the floor joist.

Well, after a few hours of wrestling with thousands of flying stinging insects I got them home and hived. If you or anyone you know needs to have bees safely removed and relocated just give them this website or have them call.

If you want to see more interesting videos just click here.

Bee Fact

Unexpected bee volcano / IRESCUEBEES adventures   Unexpected bee volcano / IRESCUEBEES adventures

Africanized honey bees:

In the south of the United States there has been a Killer bee scare. Although killer bees are real they are not much of a danger unless provoked. Africanation of honey bees is the result of that genes dominance. Killer bees attack the eyes nose mouth and throat of there target. If bees are attacking these areas pull your shirt over your head and throat and run to a dark place. Inside a car works well. If there is no shelter nearby then dodge around bushes and trees and try to lose them.

Common sense is what will keep you safe. Do not try to remove bees yourself. Don't mess with Texas bees. This will only get you stung. Have an expert help you with your bee problems


I got a call from Lonestar Wind Farm about some bees inside a crate. They where drawn out under the lid and Lonestar did not mind if I cut off part of the lid. This late in the season it is best to take the whole colony intact. Sometimes I can't But today I could.

The picture is not to great because I took it through a crack in the lid.

lonestar bee removal