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European Beemageddon Warn French Beekeepers

European Beemageddon Warn French Beekeepers, as French authorities approve use of neonicotinoids

European Beemageddon Warn French Beekeepers
European Beemageddon Warn French Beekeepers

If foul brood, trachel mites, varroa mites and colony collaspe disorder are not enough, why not add five more things to diminish bee populations across the globe.

Battling to keep honey production up and honey bees healthy is heating up in France. Calling what the authorities done by allowing a new type of pesticide use across the country scandalous.

Here are just a few excerpts from a  report published 10-20-2017 by The telegraph.

French bee keepers are up in arms over the authorisation of an insecticide they warn could sound the death knell of their already decimated bee population.
Bee hives have been hit in Europe, North America and elsewhere by a mysterious phenomenon called "colony collapse disorder". The blight has been blamed on mites, a virus or fungus, pesticides, or a combination of factors.

With the honey harvest in France down to just 10,000 tons this year - three times less than in the 1990s - the country's national apiculture union, UNAF, slammed what it called the "scandalous" authorisation of sulfaoxaflor, which attacks the central nervous system of insects...

Studies have blamed the chemical for harming bee reproduction and foraging by diminishing sperm quality and scrambling memory and navigation functions. It has also been linked to lower disease resistance. Neonicotinoids currently cover more than a fifth of French crops with 70 per cent of seeds from cooperatives already coated in the product.

Producers insist neonicotinoids are safe if used correctly. They also maintain that evidence linking these chemicals to a plunge in bee populations is flimsy and that the phenomenon is due to a number of factors, such as viruses and parasites.

European Beemageddon Warn French Beekeepers
European Beemageddon Warn French Beekeepers

You can read the full report on The Telegraph

This has been an IRescueBees special report. European Beemageddon Warn French Beekeepers

2 thoughts on “European Beemageddon Warn French Beekeepers

  1. Joseph

    Ben. I just read a report the other day that said,”European Union Countries were about to ban Bee Killing insecticides and derivatives.” Is this some kind of backdoor compound used by the Monsanto and Syngenta folk?

    1. Ben

      Thank you for your comment.
      I did also and just yesterday I saw this report. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't France exit the union?


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