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Fall Propolis Season

Fall Propolis Season  is just around the corner. Time to start preparing for the harvest.

Fall Propolis Season


Great Ancient civilizations knew of the power of the bees. Especially Propolis and was used as medicine by all three.

By the middle ages propolis was all but forgotten. In todays antibiotic resistant bacteria world medical research is looking to honey bee products for the answers.

Studies have shown that propolis protects injured teeth, helps to recover from food borne illnesses. Propolis kills bacteria even colon and prostate cancer cells.

What is Propolis?

Made of tree sap and honey bee enzymes Propolis is used to keep the hive sterile. It is the sticky substance that glues it all together.

Every part of the interior of the hive is varnished with it. Not liking drafts or light honey bees chaulk these cracks and gaps with propolis.

Fall Propolis Season

Fall Propolis Season  lets get started...

Yes you can scrape your equipment of propolis but scrapings contain lots of wax.

Premium propolis is caught in traps. Of which there is many including DIY. Window screen and shade cloth.

Amazingly enough Dadant has a Propolis trap I consider the best.

These already have the 1 cm space needed above the top bars.

 Fall Propolis Season  Fall Propolis Season

Installation of propolis traps needs to be one week before fall. Fall is when honey bees begin to winterize and waterproof the hive.

Placing the trap on top of the brood chamber ( lip side down ) lay a couple sticks or some type of prop to let sunlight in and a draft. The bees will quickly fill it.

Placing a rock or brick on the cover will deep it from blowing away.

Once the trap is full remove it and replace with  an empty one. Continue this process until a week before winter then remove all traps and close the hive.

Roll your full traps ( lip side in ) place in trash bag and freeze for 24 hours. After freezing unroll trap and slap on a hard surface.

Clean propolis in a cold water bath. The wax and trash will float to the top and the propolis will sink.

Manufactures will pay up to $21 pr pound or you can sell it on ebay for up to $50 pr pound,\.



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