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Healthy Bees with Mushroom Extracts

Winter feeding is around the corner have Healthy Bees with Mushroom Extracts.

Healthy Bees with Mushroom Extracts
Healthy Bees with Mushroom Extracts

Winter feeding of bees is either sugar syrup or high fructose corn syrup. In addition to carbohydrates, bees need B vitamins, amino acids and other phytochemicals too remain healthy and strong.

Finding a reliable source can be expensive, especially when you have a large number of colonies to feed. Adding Reshi tea to to your feed syrup will provide the extra nutrients your bees need.

The following article from Paul Stamets, (full story here)

This Earth Day we’re excited to share the latest developments in our Bee Friendly™ Research Initiative, originally unveiled by Paul Stamets during the 2014 Bioneers Annual Conference. For those unfamiliar with the story, our “Bee Friendly” campaign is an initiative created to support the research and development of fungal strategies to improve bee health and offset the use of toxic pesticides.
The devastating phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder was first officially recognized in 2006. Honey bee hives continue to die off at rates of 30–40% each winter. According to the USDA, the winter of 2015–2016 was the worst on record, when up to 44% of hives died (no data is yet available for winter 2016–2017.) This should be concerning to all, as approximately one out of every three bites of food human beings eat comes from a source that depends upon pollination by bees*.
In 2014, Paul Stamets teamed up with the Dr. Steve Sheppard, entomologist and head of the Washington State University APIS Molecular Systematics Laboratory to investigate the potential benefits of exposing honey bees to certain species of fungi. In the initial set of experiments, fungal extracts were fed to bees to determine their effects. The preliminary results suggest that extracts of certain polypore mushrooms can increase worker bee longevity and reduce viral burden.
Researchers suspect the nutritional support from fungal extracts is playing a significant role in improving bee health. The sugar syrup bees are typically fed is high in calories but non-nutritious, lacking phytochemicals and micronutrients. Fortifying this syrup with fungal extracts provides a wide assortment of B vitamins and other myconutrients critical for bee health.

Thank you Paul for your ground breaking research.

Making Reshi tea is quite simple. In a crock pot full of water place your Reshi mushroom in and slow cook for 24 hours.

Healthy Bees with Mushroom Extracts
Healthy Bees with Mushroom Extracts
Your bees will thank you. Remember for Healthy Bees with Mushroom Extracts

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