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Honey Bee Feeding Recipes

We seldom feed our bees, but it is always great to have a few Honey Bee Feeding Recipes on hand.


Honey Bee Feeding Recipes
Honey Bee Feeding Recipes

Here, at IRescueBees we manage a little over 200 colonies. We currently do not provide pollinating contracts, so we do not need a strong spring build up.

Our focus is collecting High quality Mesquite honey, which blooms around June. Yet, there are time we and you will need to feed them little buggers.

Honey Bee Feeding Recipes
Honey Bee Feeding Recipes

For us, a late season cut-out is just about the only reason we feed. Honey is the best feed for bees, so in the case of a late season cut-out we will steal a few frames of honey from a strong colony.

Doing so will ensure they survive the winter. Check the weights of your hives, if they fell light then feed. Remember, honey is the best.

Honey Bee Feeding Recipes
Honey Bee Feeding Recipes

Sugar Syrup

By far the simplest, for winter feeding I go 50/50, by weight. Just bring your desired volume of water to a boil. Turn of heat and mix in the same weight of sugar until completely dissolved.

You can then, put syrup into your feeder and there you go. You can open feed with a five gallon bucket if you prefer, but only your strong bees will get the full advantage.

Honey Bee Feeding Recipes
Honey Bee Feeding Recipes

To feed only the bees that need it you will need to put the feed inside the hive above the brood. There are many in hive feeders available, but I prefer the baggy feeder.

Just put your syrup into a freezer zip lock baggy, place above the brood, cut a one inch slit in the middle of the bag and cover. Make sure you use a spacer to give the bees room to work.

Dry sugar/candy

Same idea as the syrup, just no liquid to possibly drown the bees. You can sprinkle some dry sugar around the hole of the inner cover and close it up.

This candy recipe is for large amounts, just adjust for your needs. You will need 15 pounds of sugar, 3 pounds of glucose or light corn syrup, 4 cups of water and 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tarter.

Dissolve all ingredients in the water by boiling and stirring until temp reaches 242 degrees. Turn of heat and stir until thick. Pour it into your molds and let cool.

You can use just about anything for a mold, I know of some that just roll it into balls. LOL

Place around hole of inner cover, just like the dry sugar. Your bee are gonna love it.


Do not open your hives if the outside temp is below 50 degrees.