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Bee Removal Abilene TX

With over 7 years experience and a 99% success rate our live Bee Removal Abilene TX is your number one choice.


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Bee Removal Abilene TX
Bee Removal Abilene TX
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 IRescueBees is your local provider of live  Bee Removal Abilene TX

I am a Texas State Registered Beekeeper providing live honey bee removal and relocation services. Ask for my brand.

When honey bees move into your house I, using thermal imaging can pin point the nest exact location. Mitigating later repairs.

Bee Removal Abilene TX
Bee Removal Abilene TX

Lately, the news has not been to cheerful for honey bees. Rates of honey bee decline are nearing 40% per year.

These losses are from managed colonies that can, ( at a substantial cost ) be recovered. But, beekeepers must pass the cost on to the farmer that rents their colonies for crop pollination.

Well, the farmer pass that on to you in higher food prices. Of course wild bee colonies have no keeper to maintain their health.

As it is today, the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee is the first native pollinator on the Endangered Species List. What will be next?

Bee Removal Abilene TX
Bee Removal Abilene TX

CNN did a report on what is killing honey bees.

A growing list of flying pollinators puts our Earth in jeopardy. Bees, Birds, Butterflies and other pollinators have declined 75% since 1989.
United Nations study shows it threatening the world's food supply. Putting billions of dollars of food at risk.
The cause is not just colony collapse, there are many factors. The massive use of pesticides and fuguscides coupled with urban sprawl we are killing the keys to our survival.

Imagine what life would be without honey bees

When you see honey bees flying in and out of your house of shed, even if you see them hanging in your tree IRescueBees will remove them live and give them a safe place to live.

For live Bee Removal Abilene TX   IRescueBees is all you need...