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Bee Removal Abilene

IRescueBees is here to help our Bee Removal Abilene is your one stop page for all your bee removal needs,

.Bee Removal Abilene


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Bee Removal Abilene
Bee Removal Abilene
With over 10 years Beekeeping experience, and over 7 years of live Bee Removals IRescueBees is here for your Live Honey Bee Removal Abilene needs.

My name is Ben Kazyaka owner of IRescueBees. I am a Texas State Registered Beekeeper that provides Live Bee Removal Services.

I personally Remove from across The Big Country, relocating them to one of my apiaries. Yes, I provide every colony I remove with new equipment and tend to their needs.

Using thermal imaging I can pin point the exact location of their nest. Thereby mitigating unnecessary cuts to your home.

When you have a Honey Bee problem, we have the safe and sustainable solution. Call Today

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Honey Bee News...
Bee Removal Abilene
Bee Removal Abilene

Many news agencies have reported the current Honey Bee Crisis. USA Today reports that one third of Honey Bee Colonies have died last year.

Five thousand beekeepers across the United States reported a 33% decline.These numbers only reflect managed colonies and not feral Honey Bee Colonies.
The main causes of colony losses is mostly place on human activity. Mono culture farming that create an food desert to excessive pesticide use is weakening Honey Bee populations across the globe.
You may think you could live without Honey bees, but think again. No Honey Bees would mean less fruits and vegetables.
American farmers depend on Honey Bees and Beekeepers to produce abundant crops. With out them we would have huge food shortages.
If something is not done now our children could face an ecological disaster.

Honey Bees are the only insect that not only produces food for humans, Honey Bee bring abundance to our farm lands and cities.

For Live Honey Bee Removal Abilene Tx call me today.

(325) 201-8237