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Bee Removal Albany

For live  Bee Removal Albany call IRescueBees 

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Here at IRescueBees, we are dedicated to preserving local feral Bee genes. We will safely remove your Bees From your property and relocate them to one of our yards. Call us for live  Bee Removal Albany

 Bee Removal Albany

A swarms is impressive to see and are usually calm. The swarm may hang around for a couple hours or a couple of weeks. The swarm send out foragers to collect food for the swarm.

Bee Removal Albany

The Swarm will also send out scouts to locate a place to call home. It could be in a barrel. It could be a Dog house.

Bee Removal abilene

Big country Bee Farm
Pretty cool don't you think? Still it get to be bothersome when they infest your house. It is important to get them out as soon as possible. You could spray them, it's quick. But just take a minute to think about the bees and Humans. When all the bees are gone what will pollinate the crops. Oh yeah, thats right monsanto will make a superbee that will save the day. Do you really want a GMO bee flying around, Are we not having enough trouble with those Killer Bees. Our feral American Bees are dying along with the european Bees.

Extermination is only sixty percent effective on the first application. When it does work, there will be poisonous residue left behind.  Then the robbing frenzy begins.

The wax moth larva also will invade. Wax moth larva is only interested in the bees wax. and leaves the honey behind to ooze into your house. That unprotected honey will also begin to ferment and draw more unwanted pest ( Ants, Roaches and Mice ).

Save The Bees Please Don't Spray them. We need them to pollinate and feed us.

Bee Removal Albany Tx

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