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Bee Removal Alpharetta GA
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Here are a few things you should never do when bees show up at your house!

DO NOT attempt to remove bees yourself! DO NOT spray the bees with anything! Doing either of these WILL cause the bees to become defensive, endangering yourself and others!

NEVER seal the bees in, they WILL find their way out! Most of the time, the bees way out is into your house!

Bee Removal Alpharetta GA
Bee Removal Alpharetta GA

Not all bee removal companies are the same! Most will either kill the bees, others will just release them down the road.

That is why I recommend using the professional listed on this page. We only feature beekeepers on IRescueBees!

Bee Removal Alpharetta GA

It is a shame to have to mention the coordinated effort of exterminators to the destruction of wild honey bees! Using the propaganda of killers bees, for their profit!

Needless to say, exterminators kill an close to one million wild pollinator colonies every year! Hmm, I guess they do not know (or care) our food security depends on beneficial insect!

Bee Removal Alpharetta GA

You see, we have been in a Global pollinator decline for over twenty years! In fact even bumblebees are dying at extinction levels!

The honey bee is not far behind! American beekeepers lose 30% of their managed colonies a year! Causes for these declines are, habitat loss, mono-culture farming, large scale pesticide use and exterminators!

Having your wild honey bees rescued is like a 401K of food! Securing bountiful harvest for the next generations!

Bee Removal Alpharetta GA, your safe and sustainable choice!