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Bee Removal Arlington

IRescueBees Bee Removal Arlington / Arlington Bee Removal is here to help

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Bee Removal Arlington / Arlington Bee Removal


When bees start to swarm they are looking for a place to live. The place they choose could bee a tree, a barn, a shed or your house.

What does a swarm look like?

Bee Removal Arlington / Arlington Bee Removal

Kinda scary to look these flying stinging insects in the eye. Not so much, when bees are in a swarm they are gentle.

Just do not let your children use it as a pinata. That might stir them up.

It is best to call your local IRescueBees associate when one of these is hanging in your tree.

Swarms are fairly easy to catch and relocate. It is more difficult to remove them when the colonize your home.

Bee Removal Arlington / Arlington Bee Removal

Your IRescueBees associate is well trained for the job. With great care and concern he will get them out.

Sometimes that just start building the nest right out in the open.

Bee Removal Arlington / Arlington Bee Removal

So how can the homeowner tell if bees are in their house? If you see bees flying in and out of some crack or hole then you should call.

I can not tell you how many times a client calls with the same story. They have been here for years and never been a problem before.

Well, the older the colony the more protective they become. It is best to have your IRescueBees associate come at the first sign bees living in your home.

These special insects need our help. Please do not spray them.

Spraying bees is a bad choice. After the bees are killed the mice and other critters are attracted to the unprotected honey.

They open the honey comb and it leaks into your house.

The thousands of dead bees decomposing in your walls stinks to high heaven.

Bee facts

The Queen bee can lay up to two thousand eggs a day.

Drones are male bees they have no stinger.

Every third bite of food you eat is the direct result of honey bee behavior.

Bees are the only insect that produces food and medicine for humans.

Mellitin, a substance in bee venom has been proven to kill HIV cells.

Bee Removal Out look 2017

Our mild winter in Texas will have a big impact this year concerning bee activity. The feral colonies have plenty of honey left over from the short winter that they will use to become stronger.

This means that Texans will experience larger and more numerous swarming.

The colonies will also bee larger making removal from their house more challenging .

Keep your eyes open for swarms in your trees or any place else.

Call your IRescueBees associate at the first sign of bee issues.

Bee Removal Arlington / Arlington Bee Removal