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Bee Removal Arlington TX

IRescueBees is now serving your area. Bee Removal Arlington TX is your one stop site for all your bee removal and relocation needs. Call today

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Bee Removal Denton TX
Bee Removal Denton TX

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 Bee Removal Arlington / Arlington Bee Removal

Imagine walking into to your shed and finding one of these. Pretty scary. IRescueBees can help, We safely remove and relocate Bee Hives like this all the time. Our associate is a Beekeeper and will keep all bees removed.

Bees are really having a hard time now. Managed colonies are dying at a rate of forty percent a year. Colony collapse is by far the biggest challenge we Beekeepers face.

Bee Removal Arlington / Arlington Bee Removal

When bees decide to colonize your wall DO NOT SPRAY or EXTERMINATE them. This will only cause a much larger problem. You see when the colony is killed then the honey in the comb begins to leak out. Yes, right thru your walls. Not only that, you will have thousands of rotting bee stinking up the whole house.

Bee Removal Arlington TX

The best thing to do for you and the bees is to save them. Ensuring bountiful crops for all to enjoy.

Most bees with in the United States were imported from Europe ( EHB ). Since the migration of the Africanized bees ( AHB ) our European bees have crossed bred with the African.

Not to worry to much because the gene that makes them protective is not dominate. Still in our area When bees arrive call a Beekeeper to handle it don't try to run them off yourself. If Bees colonize something please call a professional immediately.

Over the years I have received many calls from clients stating that they have bees for years but now the are becoming a problem. Don't wait until they become a problem, Take care of that bee issue now.

Bee Removal Arlington TX is available to help.

Bee Facts

Did you know that bees are the ONLY insect that produces food and medicine for humans.

Bee venom is used to fight cancers and sexually transmitted diseases.

Einstein said that it would be about four years after the bees were gone for mankind to go extinct.

Drones ( the male bee ) hatch from unfertilized eggs.


Honey bee outlook 2017


With the mild winter weather this year feral colonies have large stores going into spring. The strong El Nino building in the Pacific will bring more rain and humid conditions to Texas. The feral build up so far this year is lighting fast.

We expect large and more frequent swarming as well as large cut outs for 2017. The winter was not cold or long enough to kill AHB colonies. with this in mind we also expect more emergency killer bee calls this year.

Please if you encounter a swarm of bees contact your local IRescueBees associate. Do the same when you notice bees flying in and out of a hole or crack in your house, barn or shed.

DO NOT attempt to remove them yourself. This will be dangerous this year.